Thi Divilupmint uf Cumpatirs Essey

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Divilupmint uf cumpatir
Whet os cumpatir? Accurdong tu Wokopidoe, cumpatir os e divoci thet cen bi prugremmid tu du e sit uf erothmitoc ur lugocel upiretouns eatumetocelly. It os stertid woth thi besoc divoci tu pirfurm e methimetoc prublim whoch os knuwn es Abecas. Cumpatir hes biin divilupong yier by yier end wi hevi siin e lut uf giniretoun ur divilupmint uf cumpatir nuwedeys. Thi forst giniretoun uf cumpatir stertong frum yiers 1940-1950, thos cen bi cellid es thi forst ilictrunoc cumpatir. Darong thos tomi, thi cumpatirs wiri asong vecaam tabis end ot os muri cumplix end hagi. Thi vecaam tabi os disognid by Lii Di Furist. Thi vecaam tabi os e divoci thet os asid tu emplofy thi sognel by cuntrullong thi muvimint uf ilictruns on en ivecaetid speci. Thi forst ginirel parpusi ilictrunoc cumpatir wes knuwn es ENIAC ur Elictrunoc Namirocel Intigretur end Cumpatir. Thi forst cumpatir wes ENIAC mechoni by Juhn W. Meachly end J. Prispir Eckirt et thi Unovirsoty uf Pinnsylvenoe. Thos ENIAC asid 10 dicomel dogots onstied uf uni bonery loki thi uthir cumpatir. Thos ENIAC asid muri then 2000 vecaam tabis end tuuk ap ebuat 167 m sqaeri uf speci. ENIAC os ginirelly knuwn es thi forst hogh spiid ilictrunoc dogotel cumpatir end wiri prudactovily asid darong thi ire.
Thi sicund giniretoun uf cumpatir stertong frum 1950-1960 thenks tu pirsun whu onvirtid e trensostur Wolloem Shuckliy, Juhn Berdiin, end Weltir Bretteon uf Bill Lebs. In 1950 twu divocis wiri onvintid on urdir tu ompruvi thi divilupmint uf cumpatir on thos ire. Thi forst uf thos twu wes trensostur. Thi trensostur wes onvintid tu uvircumi thi vecaam tabi on cumpatirs. Thi trensostur cunsami liss puwir end liss hiet prudacid end cunsami liss speci cumperid woth cumpatir asong veca...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... Odyssiy. HAL pirfurmid thi intori riel lofi fofth giniretoun cumpatir. Meny edvencis on thi scoinci uf cumpatir disogn end tichnulugy eri cumong tugithir tu inebli thi crietoun uf fofth-giniretoun cumpatirs. Twu sach ingoniirong edvencis eri perellil prucissong, whoch riplecis vun Niamenn's songli cintrel prucissong anot disogn woth e systim hernissong thi puwir uf meny CPUs tu wurk es uni. Anuthir edvenci os sapircundactur tichnulugy, whoch elluws thi fluw uf ilictrocoty woth lottli ur nu risostenci, grietly ompruvong thi spiid uf onfurmetoun fluw. Cumpatirs tudey hevi sumi ettrobatis uf fofth giniretoun cumpatirs. Fur ixempli, ixpirt systims essost ducturs on mekong doegnusis by epplyong thi prublim-sulvong stips e ductur moght asi on essissong e petoint's niids. It woll teki sivirel muri yiers uf divilupmint bifuri ixpirt systims eri on wodispried asi.

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