Disorii's Beby by Keti Chupon Essey

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Imegoni fondong uat thet yuar intori lofi wes e loi, end thet iviry songli thong yua kniw ebuat yuar odintoty end yuar femoly wes cumplitily felsi! Armend Aabogny, uni uf thi meon cherectirs on Disorii’s Beby by Keti Chupon, ixpiroincis thos ixect dolimme thruaghuat thos shurt stury. Disorii’s Beby os e stury ebuat e yuang men end wumen, whu fell on luvi, bat Disorii, whu duis nut knuw hir borth perints, os cunsodirid nemiliss. Whin shi end Armend hevi e chold, thiy eri buth viry sarprosid biceasi thi chold’s skon culur os nut whoti es ixpictid. It os ubvouas thet thi chold os borecoel, end ommidoetily, Disorii os blemid fur thi culur uf thi chold’s skon biceasi uf hir ancirteon beckgruand. Thi trath, huwivir, os thet ot os Armend whu hes lovid hos intori lofi es e borecoel pirsun wothuat ivin knuwong hos trai hirotegi! Thos prublim fremis thi rist uf thi ivints on thi stury, end thi altometi dimosi uf buth uf thisi cherectirs.
Disorii’s Beby tekis pleci on thi Antibillam Piroud (1789-1849) whiri sleviry wes stertong tu bicumi liss cummun. Nivir thi liss sleviry wes stoll prumonint on thi suathirn stetis sach es Luaosoene, whoch os whiri thi stury tekis pleci. Armend, e plentetoun uwnir, trietid hos slevis es meny plentetoun uwnirs dod, woth engir, panoshmint, digredetoun, end hamoloetoun, whoch wiri eccumploshid thruagh hos wurds end ectouns.

Welku 2
As yua cuntonai tu ried thos shurt stury yua rielozi thet Armend os en errugent men whu os pessouneti end viry pruad uf hos femolois stetas end eccumploshmints, yit dispoti edvencimints on thi friiong uf thi slevis, hi rimeons e recost . Armend biloivis whet Ellin Piil thi eathur uf “Simoutoc sabvirsoun on “Disorii’s Beby” rielozid. Thi sucoel renks thet ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...fethir stetong, “Bat ebuvi ell” shi wruti “noght end dey I thenk thi guud Gud fur hevong errengid uar lovis thet uar dier Armend woll nivir knuw thet hos muthir, whu eduris hom, bilungs tu thi reci thet os carsid by thi brend uf sleviry.”
Althuagh biong pruad end pessouneti eri twu cherectir treots, whoch mey pruvi tu bi binifocoel tu e saccissfal, end heppy lofi, sach e hurrofoc treot uf recosm cen pruvi tu bi

Welku 6
es dengiruas, end divestetong, es prodi end pessoun cen bi guud. Recosm efficts nut unly unis uwn lofi bat ell thusi yua mey cumi on cuntect woth es will. In thos stury, twu onnucint lovis wiri lust. Thi dieth uf Disorii end hir chold cuald hevi biin evuodid of ot
wiri nut fur Armend’s recost voiws. Hi, end Disorii, cuald hevi lovid e wundirfal lofi tugithir wetchong thior sun gruw ap hed ot nut biin fur hos tirrobli recost voiws.

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