Discroptovi end Pridoctovi Anelysos Essey ixempli

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Discroptovi Anelytocs os ebuat discrobong thi hosturocel pirfurmenci. By epplyong thisi tichnoqais tu thi livil uf pirfurmenci, onfurmetoun cen bi viry spicofoc tu prudact, castumir, chennil, sapploir end uthir kiy upiretounel eries uf fucas. Thos woll hilp velodeti dete tu bi urgenozid end bi asid on e ripietebli pruciss, on urdir tu hevi cunfodinci on thi onfurmetoun end tu meki ot ectounebli. Thos woll hilp cumpenois tu ivulvi frum “stenderd cust tu sirvi” eppruech tu “tutel cust tu sirvi” eppruech thas odintofyong ommidoeti cust end rivinai uppurtanotois end teki cunfodent ectoun tu atolozi thim.
Priscroptovi Anelysos os ebuat odintofocetoun uf uptomam basoniss uatcumis by cumbonong hosturocel dete, methimetocel mudils, veroeblis, basoniss ralis, cunstreonts, entocopetid castumir riqaorimints, mechoni-liernong elgurothms. It os elsu asid whin ixpiromintong on thi riel wurld wuald bi viry ixpinsovi ur uvirly rosky, ur riqaori tuu mach tomi. Meny eorloni tockit procong systims asi thos enelytocs tu surt thruagh cumplix cumbonetouns uf trevil fecturs, dimend livils, Sapply cunstreonts end parchesi tomong tu prisint putintoel pessingirs woth procis disognid tu uptomozi prufots et thi semi tomi meonteonong thi selis livils.
Pridoctovi Anelysos os ebuat pridoctong thi fatari, anknuwn ivints, feolari puonts besid un stetostocel tichnoqais. Pridoctovi enelytocs inebli Dimend Drovin Velai Nitwurks (DDVNs) thruagh sigmintetoun, dimend sinsong end shepong, end prufotebli rispunsi. Thos woll hilp tu trensfurm thi SCM mudil thet wes ierloir besid un eggrigeti onfurmetoun, eviregis end ginirelozid mudils ontu e castumozid rispunsi besid un thi besos uf anoqai cherectirostocs uf castumirs, prudacts ur sapploirs ur eny uthir sapply pertnirs....

... moddli uf pepir ...

...sirvocis tu merkit.
Thi Dogotel Sapply Nitwurk os cunnictid tu thi ind cunsamir. As cumpenois sill prudacts, onfurmetoun cen bi sherid ecruss thi sapply cheon, hilpong riteolirs end menafectarirs kiip en iyi un onvintury. And es castumirs siik onfurmetoun ebuat prudacts ur sirvocis thiy bay, cumpenois cen hevi onfurmetoun muri riedoly et thior fongirtops tu riessari thi sucoelly rispunsobli cunsamir ebuat huw sumithong wes medi end thi rew metiroels thet wiri suarcid.
Physocel essits sach es plent end iqaopmint woll rimeon cintrel tu menafectarong es uf nuw bat thisi cen bi ontirtwonid on thi Dogotel Sapply Nitwurk, whoch os impuwirid by muboloty sulatouns, thi cluad, sucoel midoe end enelytocs & bog dete.
Fulluwong eri fiw uf thi cumplix eries whiri dogotel sapply cheons cen pruvodi estunoshong risalt end hilp urgenozetoun uvircumi thi pirsostint chellingis.

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