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Dell : The Power Of Computer Systems Essays

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It all began when an up-and-coming 19-year college freshman name Michael Dell brought a Mac computer, took it apart just to understand how it worked. Michael Dell quit school, invested $1000 of his own money and establish PC’s Limited in 1984. PC’s Limited began by buying old computers, making improvements and retailing them for a profit. Once consumers learned more about PC’s, they wanted newer versions of the current PC’s Michael Dell made a decision, he would manufacture his own PC. The timing was perfect, there wasn’t much competition upgrading computer systems. By applying new know-how PC’s Limited’s first PC was called the Turbo PC. The Turbo PC catapulted Dell into the second spot behind Compaq. In 1990 Dell produced more PC than Compaq to become number one. Before evolving as the dominate PC organization, PC’s Limited tried many inventions and sales tactics through the years determined to increase their market share and profits. Dell has confronted changes in leadership, decreased profits, and downsizings; nevertheless, it has sustained a continuous lead in the IT arena compared to some of their opponents. Of all the many changes inside Dell, two of the greatest epic transformations that have created the most encouraging results were formulating a customer-motivated philosophy and deciding to change to direct-to-customer sales style. Michael Dell applied both the direct-to-customer method and the customer-driven philosophy subsequently creating PC’s Unlimited.
He changed the company name to Dell Computer Corporation in 1988 when Dell Computers went public. Dell’s model shows how customer data moves through the networks and is sooner or later applied by Dell. It all starts with shopper involvement, leading to open inve...

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...-order manufacturing and continued to target specific demographics. Dell enjoyed success until 1992, their troubles, Dell promptly uncovered, came in part from its efforts to sell its products through Staples, Sam 's Clubs and kiosks. While some pundits were questioning Dell 's future, the company acted authoritatively, exiting the retail channel and resolving to re-enter the laptop market only when that product 's quality matched or exceeded the quality of the Dell desktop. By 1997, the Latitude, Dell 's laptop, had won PC Computing Magazine’s Torture Test twice in three years in addition to winning Business Week 's Industrial Design Excellence Award (Rengan & Bell).
Dell 's main motivation, continue its direct e-commerce model. Where Dell goes from here should be the same, just bigger and better. As Aberdeen 's Allen observes, "With e-commerce, there 's no end.

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