Defining E-business

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Defining E-business

Table of Contents

What is E-business? 1


Introduction 3

Meaning of E-business 3

Conclusion 4

Bibliography 5


For task 2 I am going to find out what the term E-business means. I
will use a variety of information sources to explain this term

Meaning of E-business

A simple definition of E-business would be using the Internet to
connect with customers, partners and suppliers. It can also be simply
put as using the Internet for doing business and every time a business
uses the Internet to conduct business it’s doing e-business.

If companies do any of the following business over the web they are
likely to be conducting e-business:

* Communicating with customers, clients or suppliers via email

* Sending emails to other companies to order products and services

* Selling products or services via the company website

* Using the web to find information such as prices or phone numbers

* Using the web for research purposes

* Using the company website to provide information on products or

* Using the internet for online banking or paying bills

As you can see from this list not having a website doesn’t necessarily
mean that a company can’t conduct e-business. For example sending
emails about products or services does not require the company to have
a website.

However having a website would probably help companies sell their
products. This is because it would advertise the company’s products on
the website and because the web is popular and with the use of search
engines it would help raise sales.

The bullet points above also suggest that you don’t have to have a
website to conduct e-business and there are more ways of conducting
e-business such as using emails, doing research and paying for bills

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A more complicated meaning of e-business is:

"E-business transforms the exchange of goods, services, information
and knowledge through the sue of Internet-based technology. By
leveraging the power of speed and reach to new markets and customers"

This quote shows that there isn’t one clear definition on what the
term e-business really means. It really depends on the size of the
business and the industry nature to what certain companies may define
e-business as.


In conclusion I have found out that e-business basically means
conducting business over the internet. This doesn’t necessarily mean
that a company has to have a website though to do this as buying
products over email or using the internet for research purposes also
suggests that the company is conducting e-business.


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