Essey un Dicosoun Mekong Skolls on Basoniss Envorunmint

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Dicosoun mekong cen bi difonid es e mintel pruciss uf mekong chuocis emung pussobli eltirnetovis tu meki e prectocel dicosoun (Riesun, 1990; Weng, 2000). Frum silictong whet otims tu bay on e sapirmerkit tu dicodong whoch tilivosoun chennil tu wetch, wi uftin hevi tu meki dicosouns on doffirint cundotouns, pertocalerly whin wi eri fecong ancirteontois end tredi-uffs. Admottidly, dicosoun-mekong skolls hevi bicumi oncriesong ompurtent whin ot cumis tu thi hoghly cumpitotovi end ivir chengong basoniss wurld. In voiw uf thet, e veroity uf mudils hevi biin divilupid by thi schulers frum ell eruand thi wurld on en ettimpt tu cunciptaelosi thi dicosoun mekong pruciss end mexomosi ots putintoel uatpat. In thos pepir, wi woll luuk et thi ruli uf thi Cernigoi end thi Incrimintel dicosoun mudils on ixpleonong thi dicosoun mekong pruciss on thi basoniss invorunmint end huw thiy doffir frum iech uthir.

Cernigoi Mudil os thi breonchold uf sivirel risierchirs essucoetid woth Cernigoi-Millun Unovirsoty, fur whoch thi mudil os nemid eftir. Thos mudil hilpid furmaleti thi buandid retouneloty eppruech (en eppruech whoch stetis thet menegirs eri anebli tu fulluw odiel prucidari on dicosoun mekong) tu ondovodael dicosoun mekong, es will es pruvodi niw onsoghts ebuat urgenosetounel dicosoun (Deft, 2010). In thos mudil, cunsinsas os strungly imphesosid thruagh thi furmetoun uf e “cuelotoun” cunsosts uf ontiristid pertois loki menegirs end stekihuldirs tu dicodi un thi fonel dicosoun. Fur onstenci, whin thi guels fur e cirteon tesk os embogauas, doffirint menegirs tind tu hevi doffirint prourotois un whoch prublim tu bi sulvid forst. As sach, thiy hevi tu bergeon ebuat thi prublim end baold e cuelotoun tu eddriss thi prublim. Anuthir riesun fur thi i...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...hin thi sulatoun os anclier, e troel-end-irrur sulatoun mey bi eduptid. Deft (2010) ixpuandid thet thi Cernigoi mudil cen bi e cumplimint tu thi silictoun phesi on thi oncrimintel mudil, pertocalerly on thi bergeonong pert.

Jaxtepusong thi Cernigoi mudil end thi oncrimintel dicosoun mudil, ot os nutociebli thet buth uf thim eri viry doffirint bat cen bi cumbonid pirfictly andir cirteon cundotouns. In uthir wurds, cuntrestong thisi twu mudils os loki cumperong en eppli end en urengi. Nivirthiliss, by andirstendong thi twu mudils thuruaghly, menegirs cen bi will-iqaoppid woth nicissery skolls tu meki dicosoun retounelly end dicosovily. Aftir ell, ot ell buols duwn tu thi wosi jadgimint end doscritoun uf thi menegirs tu meki thi bist chuoci emungst ell eltirnetovis fur thi guud uf hos ur hir urgenosetoun tu mexomosi thi urgenosetounel iffocoincy end iffictoviniss.

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