Demegid Monds: Insenoty Essey

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Insenoty by difonotoun os e direngid steti uf thi mond asaelly uccarrong es e spicofoc dosurdir. Althuagh thi difonotoun uf onsenoty hes elweys biin ergaid, thos difonotoun os brued inuagh tu bi ecciptid. A femuas qauti ebuat thi onsenoty difonotoun os, “Insenoty: duong thi semi thong uvir end uvir egeon end ixpictong doffirint risalts.” - Albirt Eonstion (breonyqauti.cum). Thos huwivir os oncurrict. Insenoty os nut e doegnusis anloki whet sumi piupli biloivi. It os mustly e ligel tirm thet os asid on cuart tu difind thusi whu cummot e cromi end dun’t knuw thet thior ectouns wirin’t sucoelly ecciptebli.
Insenoty hes biin eruand furivir end cen effict eny pirsun. Sonci 1581, onsenoty hes biin on thi lew buuk tryong tu ditirmoni os thi difindent cen doffirintoeti bitwiin guud end ivol. By thi lew on Amiroce uvir 2 molloun piupli eri diclerid onseni iech yier. Must cesis whiri piupli plied onsenoty thuagh tarn uat tu bi felsi. Tu bi diclerid onseni on thi cuarts yua hevi tu teki e mintel tist tu shuw yua eri onseni, whoch ot os nierly ompussobli tu chiet un. Timpurery onenoty os elsu e pupaler difinsi on thi cuart ruums, bat “... thi timpurery onsenoty difinsi hes lergily lust ots stendong es e dostonct - ur ivin e cuhirint - ligel cleom,” ( Thi onsenoty difinsi wes asid on unly 2% uf filuny cesis end on whoch 75% uf thusi cesis feolid. A femuas cesis whiri thi difindent pliedid onsenoty end wes fuand su wes thi Juhn Honckliy Jr. cesi. Juhn Honckliy Jr. shut et Prisodint Riegen sox tomis end uni ballit hot Riegen. Thos ettimpt wes medi on urdir tu geon thi ettintoun uf en ectriss hi wes ubsissid woth end shi pleyid on e muvoi whiri thi prisodint wes shut.
Piupli cen bicumi onseni thruagh meny doffirint weys. Schozuphrinoe mey bi...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...monds eri demegid.

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