Essay about Cyberbullying: Direct Victimization in Schools and to Specific Groups

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Nearly a quarter of all students ages 6-19 are bullied or harassed at school as a result of their beliefs, race, nationality, sexual orientation, and more (“Bullying”). When examining bullying of LGBT youth, it is crucial to consider direct bullying and biased comments made by students. The most noticeable remarks used in schools is when the word “gay” is used in a negative way, usually to mean that something is “stupid” or “dumb.” About 70% of LGBT students state they have often heard these types of remarks. Direct victimization in schools happens more regularly among LGBT youth than among heterosexual peers. In a school climate survey of LGBT youth, students were asked about experiences of verbal harassment, physical harassment, and physical assault linked to being LGBT. Students described persistent harassment and assault at school in the survey (“Kosciw”).

When people indirectly bully, a common type of bullying, they may not even recognize that they are doing it, and many do not. Bullying indirectly can consist of rumors or stories about someone, along with exclusion from groups (Bullying). With access to computerized communication, adolescents can increase the amount of bullying and possibly harm through cyberbullying (“Kosciw”). Cyberbullying may be considered a category of indirect bullying and can be performed by, but not limited to, email, websites, text messaging, and chat rooms. In a study conducted by Sameer Hinduja and Justin Patchin in 2010, they broke down the amount of cyber bullying by gender and found that homosexual males were less prone to be victims of cyber bullying. On the other hand, females that were non-heterosexual were to be a higher target for cyberbullying (“Hinduja”).

In a middle and high school...

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... cut down prejudice should be aimed toward youth that are going into middle school and high school.

Knowledge of social norms also coincide with the behavior towards gay and lesbian youth, with the inclusion of reason, equal opportunity, and personal decision. Research has persistently shown that females are better at accepting LGBT students and peers, compared to their male peers. Social environment is another crucial part in the norms that youth establish over concerns of gender appearance, sexuality, and their social relationships. Adolescents that have a LGBT friend are less prone of having bad attitudes against other gays and lesbians. These people also evaluate exclusion and harassment of LGBT people as unacceptable. Teens who barely know of a LGBT peer have more negative points of view that those who do not know a gay or lesbian individual at all (“Horn”).

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