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In a world filled with every possible career imaginable, one may be a bit skeptical to choose one within the field of anthropology; however, for those who are intellectually oriented, it can be a rewarding and stimulating career, the benefits quite worth the years spent learning the information and necessary skills required by this multifarious field. Typically, when considering a career in a field as intellectually strenuous as this, one must be aware of the varying opportunities in the anthropological job market and how to make use of said opportunities. One must also become very familiar with the necessities and requirements associated with this career field.

When it comes to education, it is said that one must have at the very least a bachelor's degree in anthropology; this is, however, not entirely true. It has been established that if one truly wished to succeed in this career, a PhD is a necessity. While anthropology is a major category on its own, it is also subdivided into several distinct categories. These categories are applied anthropology, archaeology, biological, cultural, and linguistic anthropology. Each discipline requires a different set of skills and information, and yet are often connected in some ways. Whilst linguistic anthropologists study languages, a cultural anthropologist may, too, require a moderate, if not profound understanding of the language or languages of any one or more cultures. It is for these very reasons that many consider anthropology, and all of its subdivisions, interdisciplinary subjects. Typically, it would be recommended of a cultural anthropologist to learn much about history, language(s), sociology, and in some cases, even psychology. Those who do not wish to become full-fledged an...

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