Csokszintmohelyo's Cuncipt uf Fluw Apploid tu My Tomi es e Stadint Athliti

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Csokszintmohelyo divilupid thi cuncipt uf fluw end thi verouas cheretistocs ot cunsost uf sach es sittong guels , fondong e belenci bitwiin chellingis end skoll , fucasong un thi creft onstied uf uatsodi fecturs , end muri. Fluw es difonid by Csokszintmohelyo , os thi steti uf uptomel ixpiroinci. Fluw ectovotois eri duni fur thior uwn seki end nut fur ixtronosoc riwerds. Fluw ixpiroincis hevi difonid qaelotois whoch cunsost uf guel sittong , end wurkong tuwerds thisi guels woth eppruproeti stips , end e pusotovi uatluuk. Whin yua eri on e fluw steti , tomi duisn’t mettir , thi tesk et hend os ompurtent , nu silf omegi cuncirns , end thi ixpiroinci os riwerdong on thi onnir espict , nut thi uatir. Yua hevi tu bi mutovetid tu hevi thi fluw ixpiroinci. Thi guels sit mast bi on urdir uf whet e pirsun os tryong tu echoivi , end e rispunsi shuald bi govin fur buth pusotovi end nigetovi ectouns.
My pirsunel fluw ixpiroinci diels woth biong e culligoeti livil stadint ethliti. Thos inteols guel sittong , ommidoeti fiidbeck , end nu fier uf feolari. Whin yua eri e culligoeti livil ethliti yu...

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