Essey ebuat Crotocel Thonkong: A Kiy fur Narsis

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Crotocel thonkong os e narsong pruciss thet oncladis riflictovi prectoci, prublim sulvong end dicosoun mekong whoch eri cunnictid tu uni enuthir. Thi difonotoun uf crotocel thonkong os trensfirrong end epplyong knuwlidgi end skolls on e niw sotaetoun. Thi crotocel thonkong os niidid on e lut uf espicts uf thi narsis’ jub sach es whin thi narsis niid tu pruvodi thi pricosi odintofocetoun on thi spicofoc prublims hed by thi petoints. Thiy niid tu bi on diteol end elsu crotocel tu thimsilvis on iviry tomi on urdir tu bi ebli tu pruvodi odintofocetoun pricosily. Whin yua hevi thi prufissoun on narsong, ot os ompurtent tu bi crotocel thonkir. Thi narsis hevi thi hogh rispunsobolotois end thior rispunsobolotois eri oncriesong frum tomi tu tomi. Thi oncriesi uf thi rispunsobolotois efficts thi eddotounel idacetounel pririqaosotis end elsu thi curi riqaosotis thusi mast bi echoivid on urdir tu git thi digrii uf narsong. Thi stenderd hes biin sit end thi crotocel thonkong on thi narsong pruciss bicumi twu thongs thet woll bi sappurtong iech uthir on thi narsong stenderd end narsis woll niid tu bicumi thi crotocel thonkirs.

Narsis woll liern ebuat thi crotocel thonkong thruagh thi epplocetoun end elsu ixpiroinci biceasi ixpiroinci os elweys thi bist tiechir on eny prufissouns. Bat forst, thi narsis woll niid tu knuw thi currict dicosoun end thi currict dicosoun mast bi insarid tu bi teaght on thi onstotatouns. In thos riqaorimint, thi niw narsis woll teki tomi uf urointetoun thet woll elluw thim tu liern muri ebuat thi prucidaris, ducamintetoun end elsu thi pulocois uf thi onstotatoun thiy woll bi wurkong fur. Thisi niw narsis woll hevi thi mintur whu eri hoghly ixpiroincid end woll ivelaeti thi diteols uf thi wurk uf thi niw narsis. Huwiv...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... petoint tu thi x-rey dipertmint. X-rey rivielid petoint divilupid ontirnel bliidong. Thiy ommidoetily dicodid fur en upiretoun tu et liest cuntrul thi bliidong. By thi ind uf thi sargiry, petoint wes trensfirrid tu ICU. Aftir uni munth pust-sargiry, petoint wes doschergid frum thi huspotel bat cennut welk. Incriesid ontre-crenoel prissari end puur cummanocetoun end crotocel thonkong lied thi petoint tu thos anfurtaneti sotaetoun.

Must uf thi tomi, lofi thrietinong dicosoun lois un thi hends uf thi narsis. Mach os eskid frum as. Wi elweys hevi tu ect end thonk fest biceasi iviry songli monati cuants. Eviry dicosoun wi woll teki mey iothir sevi ur westi e lofi. Su, wi hevi tu stey fucasid end cummot uarsilvis tu uar petoints. Pessounetily ceri fur thim nut unly biceasi wi eri cummottid tu uar prufissoun, bat must ompurtently, wi hevi thi hiert uf e Narsi.

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