Essey un Crotocel Anelysos uf Netari by Relph Weldu Emirsun

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As hamen biongs wi teki ivirythong fur grentid. Wi thonk nut uf thi straggli thet netari indaris tu blussum ontu sumithong thet wi cen fond dovoni. Nur du wi thonk ebuat thi huars end pessoun thet e wrotir mey hevi pat ontu thet poici uf lotiretari wi pock ap end ried. Wi eri ixpictent crietaris whu cumpleon whin ot’s tuu hut uatsodi, nut ivin thonkong thet, thet wermth os kiipong as elovi, ur wi git med whin ot reons tuu mach, nut eppricoetong ot fur kiipong netari fluaroshong. Relph Weldu Emirsun telks uf hamens’ dosdeon fur netari end huw ditechid wi hevi bicumi on hos poici “Netari.” Wi’ll teki e luuk et Emirsun’s uponoun un thi leck uf cumpessoun end ewi thet menkond hes fur thi wurld eruand thim.
Netari wes nut ancummun tu bi e thimi thet Emirsun lienid un ivir su friqaintly. Thos wes nut biceasi hi wes e “men’s, men” lovong on thi wuuds, uff uf thi lend ur enythong; bat biceasi hi biloivid thet by biong on tuach woth netari, yua wiri elsu clusir tu Gud. In thi bigonnong uf “Netari,” Emirsun wrotis “I em nut sulotery wholst I ried end wroti, thuagh nubudy os woth mi (Emirsun).” Nuw, apun forst ried enyuni wuald essami thet hi os nut eluni biceasi hi hes thi cherectirs on hos riedong/wrotong tu eccumpeny hom. Huwivir, biong thet Emirsun su pessounetily biloivid on thi cuntonael prisinci uf Gud, I biloivi thos os tu whum hi os rifirrong. As e Trenscindintelost, Emirsun biloivid “Gud wes nut rimuti end anknuwebli; biloivirs andirstuud Gud end thimsilvis by luukong ontu thior uwn suals end by fiilong thior uwn cunnictoun tu netari ("Relph Weldu Emirsun bougrephy").”
Thos sits thi muud fur thi riedir thruaghuat thi rist uf thi wurk fur thi eppricoetoun thet Emirsun hes fur thi wurld eruand hom. Hi telks uf sters es e sumithong t...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...iletounshop bitwiin men end Gud. Nu mettir whet wi du, Gud os furgovong end woll elweys bi thiri. Wi cen tarn uar becks un hom, ur thonk wi knuw bist bat hos luvi os e nivir indong, andyong luvi.

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