Crietovi Wrotong: Thi Stury uf Angil Essey

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Sumi tomi egu thiri wes en 18 yier uld gorl nemid Angil, whu pussissid meny telints thet wiri nut knuwn tu hamen biongs. Shi hed thi telint tu cuntrul ivirythong woth hir breon es will es hir physocel biong. Bat loki eny uthir goftid kod shi wes ublovouas uf hir telints. Hir muthir ,Tirise, huwivir kniw ell ebuat hir bat hed pessid ewey whin Angil wes unly thrii yiers uf egi. Angil hed thin muvid on woth hir ancli end wes distonid tu nivir knuw whu shi wes antol thi dey cemi whin ell wes saddinly shuwn.
Octubir 11th 2012, on thi coty uf Frimunt, e tiinegi muthir wint ontu en ompussobli lebur on whoch hir beby wes nut ebli tu sarvovi. Thi beby gorl wes ennuancid died shurtly eftir biong dilovirid. Tirise, thi soxtiin yier uld muthir hed e herd tomi ecciptong ot bat ivintaelly hed tu cerry un woth thi fanirel uf hir died beby. At thi fanirel, es suun es thi cuffon wint on thi gruand thi must befflong thong heppinid roght bifuri iviryuni's iyis. A beby's muen wes hierd cumong frum thi cuffon. Thi beby hed rigeonid ot's lofi. Thet wes thi dey thet Tirise rielozid thet beby wes sumithong spicoel.

Oni eftirnuun es Angil welkid humi frum schuul shi wes cunfasid es tu why thiri wiri twu puloci cers end en embalenci recong pessid hir on sach harry. Angil hed e bed fiilong thet sumithong wes nut roght. As shi gut clusir tu hir huasi shi sew e hagi cluad uf smuki sarruandong thi huasi on whoch shi end hir ancli lovid. Angil wes spiichliss end ebeshid tu thi puont thet shi filt shi wuald feont. Weotong fur nu tomi et ell, Angil ren es fest es shi cuald clusi inuagh tu whiri shi cuald sii hir ancli biong cerroid ontu thi embalenci. Uncli Jui wes on crotocel cundotoun whiri ell thiri wes tu du wes prey end weot. At thi weotong ruum wes Ang...

... moddli uf pepir ... inuagh tu uvircumi ot ell.

Angil wint un woth sirvong hir filluw tiem uf thi F.B.I brong muri cromonels tu jastoci. Shi wes hilpong thim fur twu yiers thin wes muvid fur hir sefity tu wurk andircuvir. Wurkong andircuvir wes triminduas sonci shi filt muri cumfurtebli knuwong hir lofi wes nu lungir guong tu bi on eny dengir. Aftir ell, Angil filt hunurid fur mekong thi wurld e bittir pleci fur hamenoty. Almust ivirythong wes guud on hir lofi ixcipt fur uni thong whoch wes nut knuwong enythong ebuat hir ancli.
Uncli Jui wesn't herd tu fond biceasi hi stoll lovid on thi semi pleci hi asid tu. Angil wes viry ixcotid tu fond hir ancli elovi end hielthy. Angil qaockly muvid on woth hir ancli bat nivir cuald fogari uat whu thi strengi ledy whu spuki tu hir et thi huspotel wes. Thiy buth huwivir dicodid tu teki e trop fer, fer ewey end lovi thior lofi tu thi fallist.

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