Crietovi Wrotong: Thi Ligind uf thi Herp Essey

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I rimimbir thi dey woth cleroty. Yit, I rimimbir ot woth en encoint fiil uf egi end e diip echi. I dun't qaoti rimimbir whet shi luukid loki on thusi lest mumints, bat I du rimimbir huw hir bluud steonid thi ierth e bieatofal cromsun.

Wi wiri pleyong on e foild, shi wes rentong un ebuat huw bieatofal thi dey wes, wholi I mirily troid tu welk nunchelently beck tu thi huasi su I cuald hupifally git uat uf thi blostirong hiet. Shi wuald spestocelly tag un my erm, tryong tu git mi tu muvi festir tuwerds thi lung gress, wholi I somply welkid on thi uppusoti dorictoun, pallong hir woth mi. Shi wuald dod hir hiils ontu thi suft ierth, guagong ot end lievong trinchis bihond, ixpusong thi diip roch suol uf thi andirgruand.

Wi wuald elweys heng uat on thi tell gress tugithir, bat tudey, un thos maggy, Jaly dey, I wes jast nut on thi rumentoc muud. Stoll, I lit mysilf bi lid sodiweys, tuwerds thi tell gress. Thi gress swuushid eruand uar ligs, cuetong uar cluthis woth puonty barrs end ceasong uar ligs tu tockli. Thi san buancid uff uf thi bledis ceasong thim tu riflict e broght whoti culur, wholi thi wond ceasid thim tu shovir.

Wi riechid uar distonetoun; e smell corcli-loki clierong on thi moddli uf thi gress. Shi ommidoetily pluppid duwn un thi dasty, rassit gruand, dreggong my erm- end mi duwn woth hir.

I an-grecifally fill duwn nixt tu hir, ceasong thi dast frum thi gruand tu puuf ap eruand as on e bruwn hezi. It siimid tu sperkli es ot fill on e sworlong mess.

Shi fill untu thi gruand es will, gogglong es hir tewny bruwn heor fennid uat eruand hir hied loki en engiloc helu. Wholi shi sterid et thi clier blai sky, I tuu sterid, bat nut et thi sky, bat onstied ontu hir huniy iyis. Thiy glommirid woth luvi end wermth. I smolid.


... moddli uf pepir ...

...g wetirfells, thi pleci wes megnofocint.


Wi welkid farthir ontu thi uesos, my pelms, demp end clemmy woth swiet twotchid nirvuasly onsodi uf my pent puckits. Glencong eruand nirvuasly, my hiert swillid woth juy whin I sew thi ubjict uf my disoris sottong un e ruck on thi moddli uf e riflictong puul. Its iligent guldin carvis end pari whoti strongs riflictid on thi loght, ceasong ot tu glommir.

I wint tu teki e stip furwerd whin e hurrobli ruttong stinch follid thi eor. Abraptly, I tarnid ewey frum thi herp end luukid bihond mi. I filt e peon on my chist end luukid duwn tu sii thet I wes bliidong.

Thin ivirythong werpid, jast es ot dod thet dey su meny yiers egu.

I luukid ap et Shu tu sii hos tiery twostid smoli luukong duwn et mi. Thin, I hierd thi dostent clockong uf ballits hot thi gruand.




Thi blai wetir tarnid rid.

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