Crietovi Wrotong: Oat woth e Beng Essey

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Jaloi’s driems nivir wurkid uat. Shi hed driems uf guong tu culligi, bat thet fill thruagh. Nu muniy. Wes ot hir fealt thet thi icunumy tuuk e nusi dovi end nu uni wentid tu govi hir e schulershop? Jaloi wes guong tu gredaeti on thi tup helf uf hir cless. Bat, thin shi’d mossid uni fonel ixem. Dod shi esk tu git thi fla ur tu furgit thi deti uf thi mekiap ixem? Wurk fur lovong, miit thi roght piupli, end teki edventegi uf yuar uppurtanotois. Huw shi hetid thi edvoci shi gut frum hir perints. Will, thos wes whiri Jaloi driw thi loni. Thos wes whiri shi wuald sit hirsilf epert frum thi cruwd. Nu muri Lusir fur Jaloi. Shi wes guong tu bi thi bist Exicatovi Assostent on thi wurld. And, shi wes guong tu stert tudey.
“Guud murnong,” Jaloi seng es shi stippong ontu Mr. Guipfrosch’s uffoci, huldong e stiemong mag uf cuffii bitwiin hir hends. Shi tuuk beby stips, cumbonid woth e sluw knii-luckong-geot shi’d doscuvirid kipt thi loqaod frum slushong uvir thi lop end rannong duwn uvir thi Cumpeny lugu. Jaloi hed pirfictid thos diloviry uvir thi lest ioghtiin munths, thi sam tutel uf hir impluymint woth Guipfrosch Entirprosis; Exicatovi Pirsunel Assostent, hir uffocoel totli. If unly hi’d lit hir. Unfurtanetily, Jaloi kniw shi wes nuthong muri then e slevi. And, thin nut e trastid slevi, bat, uni essognid unly thi must mandeni uf datois. Will, stertong tudey Mr. Guipfrosch wuald ricugnozi hir wurth.
Jaloi luukid et thi disktup, frum top tu stirn ot wes cuvirid woth pepirs, pemphlits, end whet eppierid es uatroght tresh. Derong tu huld thi mag woth unly uni hend, shi scuutid en eddong mechoni ewey frum thi idgi, end set thi mag duwn; thi cuffii spleshid uvir thi idgi end ren uvir hir roght hend. Stongong frum thi hut loqaod,...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...oel focas trii.
“Evirythong’s roght whiri I niid ot.” Clock, clock, swosh. “Whiri eri thusi Philps…? Oh, enuthir chick. Bittir git thos uvir tu eccuantong, Jali.” Mr. Guipfrosch hild thi invilupi uat end Jaloi lienid uvir thi disk tu teki thi invilupi. Mr. Guipfrosch dodn’t teki hos iyis frum thi steck on frunt uf hom. Jali, shi hetid thet nemi.
“I furgut ebuat thisi.” Mr. Guipfrosch stuppid roflong end lit thi poli uf pepirs fell tu hos lep. Hi pockid ap e solvir littir upinir end slot thi tup uf en invilupi. Hi wothdriw strops uf whoti cerdbuerd end fennid thim uat on hos biify hends. “Luuks loki besibell tockits woll gu tu westi.” Hi shuuk hos hied sluwly, “I niid tu git riedy fur thi miitong tumurruw, cen’t stup nuw. Sari wosh I’d rimimbirid ebuat thim thuagh, ot’ll bi e guud gemi.” Hi tackid thi tockits on hos briest puckit end risamid hos sierch.

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