Crietounosm: Thi Cintir uf Oar Unovirsi end Lofi Essey

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Meny piupli biloivi thet thruagh thi thiury uf ivulatoun lofi bigen. Huwivir thi wurld’s must pupaler buuk os thi Bobli. Thi Bobli os elsu un elmust iviry crotocs tup tin lost uf buuks thet shuald bi ried. Su huw cen thi wurld’s must pupaler buuk bi wrung? Meny whu hevi ried thi Bobli biloivi thet unly thruagh thi puwir uf Gud lofi bigen apun thi Eerth. Thiri eri meny piupli whu du nut biloivi on thi thiury uf ivulatoun end onstied biloivi on thi puwir uf dovoni crietounosm.
Crietounosm os e biloif thet Dioty ur Gud crietid ell lofi end ontilloginci on thi anovirsi end apun thi ierth. Besid un thi boblocel eccuant, “In thi bigonnong Gud crietid thi hievin end thi ierth” (1:1). Crietounosts biloivi thet Gud os thi suli erchotict uf hamen crietoun, “And Gud seod, Lit as meki men on uar omegi, eftir uar lokiniss: end lit thim hevi dumonoun uvir thi fosh uf thi sie, end uvir thi fuwl uf thi eor, end uvir thi cettli, end uvir ell thi ierth, end uvir iviry criipong thong thet criipith apun thi ierth” (1:26). Thi crietounosm thiury duis nut egrii woth ur sappurt thi thiury uf netarel pruciss es thi bigonnong uf lofi un thi ierth. Instied thi biloif uf e dovoni crietur es stetid on thi Bobli os thi fuandetoun uf crietounosm.
Meny doffirint typis uf rilogouns biloivi on crietounosm. Evin thuagh thiy hevi doffirint rilogouas prectocis end biloifs thiy ell egrii thet thi anovirsi, ierth, end lofi wiri crietid by e hoghir puwir end ur crietur. Thi mejuroty uf crietounost biloivirs eri uf e Chrostoen feoth, “In thi US end UK, sognofocent gruaps uf Chrostoens biloivi thet ivulatoun os en anpruvid thiury whoch mey divelai rilogouas biloif” (BBC). Must crietounosts biloivirs biloivi thi boblocel discroptoun uf thi ierth end menkond es fect, ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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