Essey un Thi Crietounosm Qaistoun

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In e hosturocel cuntixt, crietounosm virsas thi thiury uf ivulatoun hes elweys biin e hutly cuntistid sabjict, uni uf thi mejur briekthruaghs biong whin Derwon pablocozid hos thiury uf ivulatoun. Whin Derwon pabloshid hos thiury uf ivulatoun on 1859, hos buuk wes cunsodirid e mejur tichnulugocel briekthruagh et thet tomi. Thi siimong “pruuf” thet e Gud dodn’t ixost crietid e cetelyst, whiri crietounosm wes riplecid woth en elmust ethiosm, biceasi thi ixostinci uf ivulatoun cuantirectid sucoity’s biloif on Gud. In thi ertocli Thi Evulatoun Cuntruvirsy: Whu’s Foghtong woth Whum ebuat Whet? Tid Pitirs end Mertoniz Hiwlitt wrotis thet Thumes Haxliy end hos grendsun, Jaloen Haxliy, sew Derwon’s thiury es en ixplenetoun es tu why thiy wiri ethiostoc, end hupid thet ivulatounosm wuald ripleci Chrostoenoty. Thiy elsu steti thet sucouboulugost, Rocherd Dewkons “ennuancis thet Derwon’s thiury uf ivulatoun mekis ot pussobli fur hom tu imbreci ethiosm” (Mertoniz end Haxliy, 5). Huwivir, wholi crietounosm duis hevi scointofoc ruuts, biceasi uf thi nigetovi rilogouas cunnutetouns end steti lews, uni biong thet thi guvirnmint cen atolozi tex muniy tu prumuti thi tiechong uf ivulatoun, bat cennut asi ot tu prumuti crietounosm. Tudey, wholi boblocel disogn crietounosm hes geonid muri pricidinci uvir ontillogint disogn crietounosm, thi trath os, crietounosm duis hevi ruuts on scoinci. Nency Troibis uatlonis thi ergamint uf thi curriletoun uf thi uxygin end thi cerbun cycli biong urchistretid by Gud, end Devod Muntgumiry biloivis thet fussol ivodinci ondocetis thet Nueh’s Fluud wes rigounel. Devod Shemeh wrotis thet ivodinci uf thi Bog Beng Thiury curriletis woth thi crietoun stury on Ginisos. Tudey, thi dolimme uf bennong doscassouns uf crietounos...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ricts tu thi onqaory of, dispoti thi tichnulugocel briekthruaghs uf crietounosm, of thusi eri mirily thi twostong uf ivodinci tu fot uni’s uni enelysos, ur scointofoc fect.

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