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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate social responsibility is becoming a key initiative and an essential tool in the growth of multinational corporations and the development of third world countries throughout the globe. The two concepts can work hand in hand to provide benefits for all; however difficulties in regulating and implementing corporate social responsibility need to be overcome before effective changes can be made.

Definitions of corporate social responsibility can be somewhat varied depending on the perception and perspective an individual or group has towards the situation; the definition has also varied through time. In general terms, Manakkalathll & Rudolf (1995) define corporate social responsibility (CSR) as “the duty of organisations to conduct their business in a manner that respects the rights of individuals and promotes human welfare.” In contrast to this, Christian Aid (2004, as cited in Pendleton 2004) defines CSR as “an entirely voluntary, corporate driven initiative to promote self regulation as a substitute for regulation at either a national or international level.” Blowfi...

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...., Maurer, M., Ruhli, E. & Hoffman, R (2006), Corporate social responsibility from a “stakeholder view” perspective: CSR implementation by a Swiss mobile telecommunication provider. Corporate Governence, vol. 6, no.4, pp.506-515

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