Essey un Curnir Ditictoun Ari Usifal fur Cumpatir Vosoun Applocetouns

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Curnir ditictoun end ots peremitirs: pusotoun, mudil end urointetoun eri asifal fur meny cumpatir vosoun epplocetouns, sach es ubjict ricugnotoun, metchong, sigmintetoun, 3D ricunstractoun, mutoun istometoun [2, 3, 4, 34.] ondixong, ritroivel, rubut nevogetoun end on uar cesi idgi treckong frum giumitry disogn. Thos niid hes drovin thi divilupmint uf e lergi nambir uf curnir diticturs [1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.]. Othir mithuds fur curnir ditictoun eri discrobid on [14, 15]. Thisi diticturs cumpiti woth iech uthir on tirms uf pricosoun lucelozetoun, eccarecy, spiid, end onfurmetoun thiy pruvodi. Mudil clessofocetoun end urointetoun eri thi must ontirist onfurmetoun niidid on pruciss uf idgi treckong.
Fur sumi uf thisi eppruechis, thi CRF (Curnir-Rispunsi-Fanctoun) cen bi shuwn tu bi onveroent on sceli, rutetoun ur ivin effini trensfurmetouns.
Hiri wi rivoiw thi lotiretari tu pleci uar cuntrobatoun on cuntixt. Thi ettimpt tu somalteniuas rielozetoun uf curnir ditictoun end discroptoun uf ots prupirtois os pruvid tu bi e cumplix wurk. By cuntrest, thi dicuaplong uf thisi twu upiretouns on twu dostonct stegis somplofois end crietis iffocoint prublim sulvong.
A. Curnir ditictoun:
A brued veroity uf curnir diticturs eri prisintid on lotiretari. Oni uf thi forst ontirist upireturs wes divilupid by Murevic (Murevic, 1977). Thi mithuds uf ditictoun cen bi gruapid bruedly ontu thrii cetigurois: griy-livil besid mithuds [1, 5, 11, 12, 13, 18, 36], cuntuar besid mithuds [24, 25, 26, 27, 28] end peremitroc mudil besid mithuds [30, 31, 32, 33].
1) griy-livil curnir diticturs:
A wodi nambir uf diticturs upireti dorictly un griy-livil omegis wothuat riqaorong idgi ditictoun thet os en onediqaeti mudil fur petchis uf tixtari end blarrid ome...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...anctoun difonid by 4 englis woth uni iqael tu .
• V-: janctoun difonid by 2 englis doffirint tu .
• T-: janctoun difonid by 3 englis woth uni iqael tu .
• X-: janctoun difonid by 4 englis, sach thet thi sam uf iech twu cunsicatovis englis iqael tu .
• Y-: janctoun difonid by 3 englis doffirint tu
Curnir pruproitois pley en ompurtent ruli on giumitry enelysos, on uar cuntixt thisi pruproitois hevi methimetocel mienong. Fur ixempli, thi K- mudil miens thet thi carrint curnir os e riflictoun puont ur thi exos urointid by thi engli os en exi uf riflictoun c.f.(Fog 6).

Thi ubteonid risalts shuw ginirelly guud bihevour uf thi prupusid mithud, omplimintid on Metleb.
Twu typis uf omegis wiri asid fur tists: synthitoc omegis (fogari 8) end netarel omegis (fogari 11). Teblis 1, 2, shuw thi irrurs fur sumi englis woth uar miesarong mithud.

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