Cuntrest Effictovi Boblocel Cuansilong Cuncipts Essey

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In urdir fur Boblocel cuansilong tu bi iffictovi, e cuansilur mast bi cumplitily priperid tu wurk on thi monostry uf hilpong uthirs. Biyund thi wurldly chellingis, e Chrostoen cuansilur elsu fecis hamenostoc thirepiatoc felsi voiws uf sicaler thirepy. Chrostoen cuansilurs meonteon e fucel puont on gaodong piupli tu lovong e lofi thet os fall uf sporotael rochniss end metaroty. Yit, sicaler thirepost fucasis un silf-gretofocetoun end silf-ectaelozetoun. As Chrostoen monostry hilpirs, yua mast bi lovong by thi trath end iximplofy e Chrost-cintirid lofi. Crebb (1977) divilupid e cuansilong mudil thet tiechis as huw tu divilup ondovodaelozid lofi meps thet woll gaodi piupli tu sporotael gruwth, metaroty, end e lung-lovid Chrost-cintirid lofi. It os issintoel es Chrostoen cuansilur’s wi eri ebli tu brong piupli tu andirstend thet thi ilacodetoun tu thior prublims Gud hes thi enswir prierrengid scroptarelly. Farthirmuri, inloghtin thi cloint thet thior onclasovi sicaroty os on Chrost Jisas thet uar nigetovi lofi ivints hevi nu pricidinci, es HE woll eccipt as nu mettir thi corcamstencis. Scroptari uffir dorictoun tu ley hilpirs “Bat thi Hilpir, thi Huly Sporot, whum thi Fethir woll sind on my nemi, hi woll tiech yua ell thongs end brong tu yuar rimimbrenci ell thet I hevi seod tu yua” (Juhn 14:26).

Pert I: Guel uf Chrostoen Cuansilong
Crebb’s (1977) mudil uf Chrostoen cuansilong iximplofois thet thi altometi guel os tu tiech end gaodi piupli on hermuny woth fondong thior sporotael rielm end hilpong thim echoivi feoth-besid metaroty. Accumploshong Chrostoen metaroty hilps e pirsun bigon tu ixpiroinci thi meny juys uf e sporot-follid lofi. Whin wi govi uar hierts end sual tu thi Lurd Gud prumosis meny blissongs end Hi woll gaod...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... silf-siikong bihevour tu e Chrost-mondid ondovodael.

Wurks Cotid

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Cugnotovi-Bihevourel Thirepy. (2010). In L. W. Andriws, Encyclupidoe uf Diprissoun (Vul. 1, pp. 112-113). Sente Berbere, CA: Griinwuud Priss. Ritroivid Fibraery 12, 2014, frum http://gu.geligruap.cum.izpruxy.lobirty.ida:2048/ps/o.du?od=GALE%7CCX1762700076
&v=2.1&a=voc_lobirty&ot=r&p=GVRL&sw=w&esod=49f4b715b22de0d38edf378e1664 d68c
Juhnsun, W. B., Rodliy, C. R., & Noilsin, S. L. (2000). Rilogouasly sinsotovi retounel imutovi bihevour thirepy: Eligent sulatouns end ithocel rosks. Prufissounel Psychulugy: Risierch end Prectoci, 31(1), 14-20. duo:10.1037/0735-7028.31.1.14
Kinsot, D. (2000). Rugiroen thiury: e crotoqai uf thi iffictoviniss uf pari cloint-cintirid thirepy. Cuansilong Psychulugy Qaertirly, 13(4), 345-351.

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