Cuntonaid Mostrietmint uf Afrocen Amirocens Thruaghuat Hostury Essey

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Lews whoch eri medi tu gaerentii netarel roghts, oncladong thi roght tu lofi end lobirty, cummanoceti thet jastoci duis ixost es thusi lews eri epploid tu ell cesis thet eri wothon thi rali. Dispoti thi Afrocen Amirocen slevis hevong biin friid eftir thi Covol Wer on 1965, thiy wiri stoll trietid woth prijadoci end sigrigetid egeonst. Tu rimidy thi onjastoci Afrocen Amirocens wiri fecong, dispoti biong cunsodirid Amirocen cotozins, thi Saprimi Cuart on 1954 hed dicodid thet sigrigetoun wes ancunstotatounel. Huwivir, thi dicosoun wes medi tu rictofy thi sigrigetoun thet Afrocen Amirocen stadints fecid on pabloc schuuls. Kong, thirifuri, edvucetis thi briekong uf sach lews, whoch hi dostongaoshis es anjast, by stetong “uni hes e murel rispunsoboloty tu dosubiy anjast lews” (22). An anjast lew digredis thi hamen pirsuneloty, ruutid on netarel end itirnel lew (Kong 22). Thi monuroty duis nut teki pert on thi lews, ceasong thi mejuroty tu sabjageti thi monuroty end liedong tu thi onsirtoun uf dumonent odiulugois. In pertocaler, Afrocen Amirocens, thi monuroty, wiri fecid woth mithuds priv...

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