Computer Science Field And Computer Engineering Essay

Computer Science Field And Computer Engineering Essay

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Did your phone just ring? Or was that your computer notifying you of a new email? Since the Digital Revolution and the addition of digital electronics like the personal computer, software-based technology has always been an essential aspect of our lives. Something that would have taken up an entire classroom can now fit within the grasp of your hands thanks to the efforts of various computer scientists and engineers, making our lives much easier.
My passion for both software and hardware behind it stems from having been fortunate enough to be introduced to it at a young age. What may have originally been a simple fondness for video games developed into a curiosity regarding the nuts and bolts of the computer and a dedication to improve them. Subsequently, I plan to pursue software engineering in the future.
Software engineering encompasses various principles from both the computer science field and the computer engineering field to develop practical uses of software within hardware we use on a daily basis. With the passage of time, technology dependent on software has become increasingly prevalent. As a result, there will be a high demand for software engineers to sustain the eventual abundance of new and more complex computers. According to a survey conducted by Looksharp, “of all students who had graduated the year before (in 2014), less than half, 45%, had full time jobs at the time of the survey. However, of those students who studied computer science, 61% had full time jobs … Additionally, 31% of CS majors had full time job offers by graduation” (Johnson). This is a clear indication of the need for software engineers in the near future. Why? Because software will be a necessity in maintaining and improving society.
Since t...

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...ould be like to not have any access to education at all, where knowledge does have its limitations. Creating inexpensive yet effective devices to connect to the internet gives the majority 57% who did not have access, the opportunity to learn from the various courses, lessons, and sources provided online.
It is clear that computers have helped us in the past: storing information electronically, manage global systems, connected us through the internet. As we wait for quantum computing to completely revolutionize the way we use computers, software engineers should focus on improving the affordability of internet-compatible devices to help with education which in turn improves society. As the smiths of the Iron Age were responsible in the creation of tools to help their society, studying software engineering will make the smiths of today, the smiths of the Digital Age.

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