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Comparison Essay
It is known that human’s actions greatly affect the environment that we inhabit. This is a leading cause to problems such as, global warming. The two essays, “Worried? Us?” written by Bill McKibben and “The Ends of the World as We Know Them” by Jared Diamond, both have the same opinion on the matter of environmental issues that have been swept under the rug for too long. Mckibben approaches this particular issue with tremendous amount of pathos which installs fear into the reader. Diamond’s essay tends to use more than just emotion by adding a great deal of logic. The way Diamond approaches the reader is much more effective because of his tone, usage of rhetorical devices, types of facts and details.
Tone is a key way for the reader to pick up on the author’s attitude and feelings towards a certain subject. For instance, Diamonds tone throughout his essay is optimistic, which allows the reader to associate his words with a feeling of trust and confidence. He does not bluntly state that if we continue on the path that we are on now then ultimately we are headed for destruction. Instead he throws in the question, “How long can America remain ascendant? Where will we stand ten years from now, or even next year?” which allows the reader to contemplate whether their actions have helped to progress these issues (Diamond648). Mckibben, on the other hand, is approaching the same question with a more pessimistic point of view. He goes in to great detail defending his opinion on the matter of how, as a whole, we are lacking the motivation to recognize our problems and unite for a greater cause. This is not an effective method because he does not state a way to overcome this situation instead he just gives reasons to...

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...World as We Know Them” is a much more effective essay than “Worried? Us?” for the fact that Diamonds tone was not harsh but optimistic. His usage of logos granted him credibility and gives the reader a feeling that their small change can have an impacting effect on the world. The historical facts give the present and future societies a chance to learn and change from. After reading this essay, the reader will be much more aware of their actions and show care towards their environment.

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