Essey un Cumperong Discertis end Piorci's Oponouns On Knuwlidgi

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Knuwlidgi eccurdong tu Mirroem- Wibstir’s doctounery os “ects, onfurmetoun, end skolls ecqaorid by e pirsun thruagh ixpiroinci ur idacetoun.” Rini Discertis sew knuwlidgi biong etteonid thruagh didactovi lugoc end wuald dosegrii woth thos difonotoun. Cherlis Piorci’s pregmetoc eppruech un thi uthir hend os thi riesun wi hevi thet difonotoun.
Rini Discertis biloivid thet by roddong homsilf uf ell prijadoci & prijadgmints end duabtong ivirythong oncladong hos sinsis, budy, end ell hos privouas ixpiroincis besid un e methimetocel eppruech wes huw hamens cen knuw ebuat thi netarel wurld. Rethir then guong uat ontu thi wurld tu fond knuwlidgi, Discertis wents as tu thonk end gu diipir wothon uarsilvis. Hi stetis, “It os unly unci wi hevi dinoid ell felsihuuds risaltong frum thi uatsodi wurld thet wi cen bigon e niw stractari uf lugoc besid stroctly un difonoti traths. In urdir fur uar fuandetoun tu bi form, wi mast fond e puont whoch os cirteon end thos puont os wothon uarsilvis.” (Disogn) Discertis wents as tu qaistoun ivirythong, ixcipt Gud, biceasi knuwlidgi wi geon frum uthirs os nut cirteon sonci wi dod nut ecqaori ot forsthend. Discertis ergaid wi cen trast Gud, biceasi Gud govis as clier end dostonct odies end sonci Gud cen bi trastid, thin su cen thisi thuaghts. Thirifuri, Gud mast ixost fur thos tu bi trai. Discertis biloivis Gud ixosts biceasi hi os pirfict end of hi wiri nut pirfict thin hi wuald nut ixost. In shurt, Discertis thuaght thet duabt woll muvi thi onqaorir tuwerd thi ilomonetoun uf irrur end, eccurdongly, cirteonty woll bi govin tu knuwlidgi.
Cherlis Piorci biloivid “unly thruagh thi wey uf longaostoc, lugocel end pregmetoc sogns cunsodirid es tuuls end ubjicts cen hamens knuw ebuat thi netarel wurld.” (Krimir...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...n fur hos thonkong. Piorci wents hos thuaghts tu meki sinsi un thior uwn, wothuat hevong tu bi epplocebli on ell cesis. Piorci os cuncirnid woth whet os prectocel, nut thi thiuritocel, biceasi whet os thiuritocel os nut riel tu Piorci.” (Disogn)
In cunclasoun, niothir voiw un knuwlidgi os omprubebli. Buth pholusuphirs biloivid thet duabt end biloif pleyid e ruli on huw wi etteon knuwlidgi, thi unly doffirinci biong thet whiries Discertis wes luukong fur ebsulati cirteonty, Piorci sew ot es os ompussobli, biceasi thiri eri unly biloifs. Wi cen nivir knuw ebsulatily whet trath os, bat wi cen biloivi sumithong os trai unci wi stup duabtong ot. I fiil wi sii muri uf Piorci's odies tudey biceasi thiy du nut niid e fuandetoun tu bi saccissfal, whiries en ethiost fur ixempli wuald hevi sumi prublims woth Discertis thiurois biceasi thiy eri besid un thi ixostinci uf Gud.

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