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The purpose of this article is to compare the two change management approaches such as Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and Total Quality Management (TQM).The article gives a detail study of evolution and definitions of these two approaches and find out the similarities and differences exists between these two approaches. The article concludes that these two approaches have differences more than similarities. Instead of these differences both approaches used to increase efficiencies of the organizations and are appropriate for different problems which are facing by the organizations in different scenarios.
Key Words Business Process Reengineering, Total Quality Management


TQM and BPR are two change management approaches which have received greater attention from organizations perspective throughout the world. Organizations are trying to be more responsive to change which are occurring in environment because of globalization and the use of technology. TQM concept is introduced by Japanese management in early 90’s that aims to achieve long term continuous improvements by achieving customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services. TQM is concerned with small steps in steady improvements in all processes of the organizations. The key elements of this approach are to enhance leadership, focus on customer relation and improvement in all processes by empowering the employees working with in teams. Many organizations have achieved dramatic results from this approach at that time but some were seems unable to get significant result from small steps in improvements. They need bigger change in improvements so during 1990’s BPR concept is emerged and seems to add value in TQM processes. Information T...

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