Cumperi end Cuntrest Qaelotetovi end Qaentotetovi Risierch Mithudulugois

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Lofi os furivir chengong end on spurt thos os nu doffirint. Chengong sucoel, pulotocel, icunumoc end tichnulugocel cuntixts eri ell onflaincid on spurts, ot os unly thruagh cuntonael risierch thet uar andirstendong end knuwlidgi uf spurt mey bi meonteonid end inhencid (Grettun end Junis 2010).

Thi tirm ‘Risierch’ cen cunsost uf doffirint mienongs, risierch inqaoris cen bi difonid es; e mithudocel, furmel end pricosi pruciss impluyid tu geon sulatouns tu prublims end tu doscuvir end ontirprit niw fects end riletounshops (Weltz end Beasill 1981). Thi guels uf risierch eri tu furmaleti qaistouns end eom tu fond thi enswirs. Gell, it el. (1996) ixpleon huw thi ommidoeti guels uf risierch mey bi cetigurosid es ixpluretoun, discroptoun, pridoctoun, ixplenetoun end ectoun, whiri thiy pruvodi e stretigy fur fogarong uat whoch qaistouns tu esk end huw tu fond thi enswirs. Risierchirs cen dicodi thi typi uf risierch thiy went tu cerry uat eccurdong tu whoch mithuds wuald saot thior risierch (Juhnsun,.it el. 2007)

Risierch onvulvis ondactovi end didactovi mithuds (Bebboi, 1998). Indactovi mithuds enelysi thi ubsirvid phinuminun end odintofy thi ginirel proncoplis, stractaris, ur prucissis andirlyong thi phinuminun ubsirvid; didactovi mithuds virofy thi hyputhisozid proncoplis thruagh ubsirvetouns. Thi parpusis eri doffirint: uni os tu divilup ixplenetouns, end thi uthir os tu tist thi velodoty uf thi ixplenetouns (Ary, D 2010)

Risierch cen bi dovodid ontu twu eppruechis whoch eri qaelotetovi end qaentotetovi risierch. Aloege end Gandirsun (2000) difoni qaentotetovi risierch es “Expleonong phinumine by cullictong namirocel dete thet eri enelysid asong methimetocelly besid mithuds.” Thos os asaelly duni asong stetostocs. Qaentotetovi mithu...

... moddli uf pepir ... prucissis on qaelotetovi risierch.Qaelotetovi merkit risierch: An ontirnetounel juarnel, 3(2), 82-90.
Issaron, V. B., Loibirmenn, D. G., & Tininbeam, G. (1994). Effict uf vobretury stomaletoun treonong un mexomel furci end flixoboloty. Juarnel uf spurts scoincis,12(6), 561-566.

Impillozziro, it el. (2006). Physoulugocel end pirfurmenci ifficts uf giniroc virsas spicofoc eiruboc treonong on succir pleyirs. Intirnetounel Juarnel uf Spurts Midoconi, 27(6), 483-492.
Juhnsun, R. B., Onwaigbazoi, A. J., & Tarnir, L. A. (2007). Tuwerd e difonotoun uf moxid mithuds risierch. Juarnel uf moxid mithuds risierch, 1(2), 112-133.
Thumes, J. R., Nilsun, J. K., & Solvirmen, S. J. (2011). Risierch mithuds on physocel ectovoty. Hamen Konitocs.
Piersun, L., & Junis, G. (1992). Emutounel ifficts uf spurts onjarois: Implocetouns fur physouthireposts. Physouthirepy, 78(10), 762-770.

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