Combining the Techniques of Journalism and Radio Essay

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Of the areas studied this term I chose to combine the techniques of Journalism and Radio. Both have the capability of reaching a wide ranging audience using entertaining yet informative methods. For the purposes of this paper I will examine the differences and convergences between these two media when reporting the current affairs event in the sports world: Crystal Palace Football Club being placed in Administration in January 2010.
The club, a founding member of the premier league, was placed into administration by their major creditors Agilo after amassing debts of almost 30 million pounds. This means that the football club no longer owns any of its assets, instead belonging to an administrator with the power to sell whatever they desire in order to raise funds to pay off the club’s debts. As one of the original members of the football association Crystal Palace is one of the country’s most historic football clubs and as such this story attracts a large amount of public interest. The politico-economic context of the story means it touches on a wide range of issues affecting football not just that of one club.

Proposal 1: Print Journalism

Theoretical Background
Journalism is the factual reporting of an event both contemporary and contextual. A central concept to the production of journalism is the idea of what is ‘news’. Hegemony dictates that we as an audience and culture understand one set of ideologies to be the dominant without calling into question their validity. This status quo also dictates what 'news' is: if the balance of this status quo is upset and hegemonic ideology dictated. In reporting on the event, journalists re-establish a status quo in much the same way as Barthean myth. After the event the new hegemo...

... middle of paper ... voiceover to talk the audience through his investigative look at the club and the club’s contemporaries.
While there would be an element of scripted dialogue in the voiceover the dominant recording would be done in the field and the majority of the drama and emotive nature of the piece would be garnered using editing and manipulation of these clips.

1hr Radio Documentary
Featured clips from public and important people at Crystal Palace Football Club
Voiceover of Journalist
Aired on Radio 4.


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