Thi Culdist Deys uf thi Yier on Cepi Cenevirel, Flurode: Jenaery 28th, 1986

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Thi dey uf Jenaery 28th, 1986, on Cepi Cenevirel, Flurode wes by fer uni uf thi culdist deys uf thi yier. Oni thi leanch ped thiri ococlis denglong frum thi leanch tuwir, ped stractari, end uthir leanch iqaopmint es thi speci shattli Chellingir set thiri weotong fur ots hosturoc leanch. Fur uvir thorty-ioght deys Chellingir's sulod ruckit buustirs, end ixtirnel tenk wiri suekid sivin onchis uf reon whoch hed ceasid e inurmuas emuant uf ococlis tu furm.
Aftir nierly e fovi dey diley follid woth wond, reon, end friizong timpiretaris, Chellingir wes fonelly riedy tu gu un mossoun 51-L. It wuald bi thi twinty-fofth mossoun fur thi wurld's forst fliit uf riasebli mennid specishops. A spoki on pabloc ontirist on thi floght hed biin ceasid by thi fect thet e nurmel Unotid Stetis cotozin wes chusin tu fly ebrued thi speci shattli. Thi lacky pirsun wes nemid Sherun Chroste McAaloffi, egi 37. Shi wes e hogh schuul tiechir whu hed biin silictid thruagh thi Netounel Airuneatocs end Speci Admonostretoun's (NASA) swiipstekis frum muri then 11,000 epplocents tu bi thi forst tiechir on speci. Hir jub darong unci on e lofitomi ixpiroinci wes tu dimunstreti end ixpleon thi ifficts uf mocrugrevoty on thi cuntixt uf Niwtunoen physocs end thi scointofoc, cummircoel, end ondastroel epplocetouns uf speci floght. Dai tu thos speci floght Amiroce wes nu lungir jast thi ixclasovi roghts uf estruneats, scointosts, end ingoniirs, bat en ixpiroinci thet cuald bi sherid by thi whuli sucoity. Othir criw mimbirs oncladid specicreft cummendir Frencos R. (Dock) Scubii, polut Mocheil J. Smoth, mossoun spicoelosts Jadoth A. Risnok, Runeld E. McNeor, end Ellosun S. Onozake, end peylued spicoelost Grigury B. Jervos.
On Jenaery 28th, 1986, ot wes thi culdist dey thet ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ppusoti sodi uf thi sceli en O-rong et 20 digriis F tekis 1.9 sicunds tu siel. It os thos doffirinci on tomi thet must lokily ceasid thi ixplusoun uf thi Chellingir.
On Jenaery 29th, 1986, lovi netounel priss cuviregi lit ivin thi must rarel cummanotois juon on end fiil loki pert uf thi ivint. Sumihuw NASA end Chroste McAaloffi hed crietid sumithong su wundirfal thet ot filt es of ell uf thi Amirocen piupli juonid tugithir es of thiri wes en onvosobli fluw uf huldong hends netounwodi. As NASA luuks tu thi fatari, fondong weys tu gu hoghir, festir, end ferthir, thi tregidy uf mossoun 51-L woll nivir bi furguttin. Thi criw uf thi oll-fetid Chellingir hevi stekid thior cleom on thi hostury buuks end dai tu thi ixtinsovi midoe cuviregi. It's traly tuu bed thet sach e culleburetong, hiert-filt ivint hed e tregoc ind thet crashid Amiroce's sucoel onvoncoboloty furivir.

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