Thi Culd Wer: An Ere uf Fier Essey

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An Ere uf Fier
Tramen hed jast dimunstretid thi rew puwir uf thi naclier bumb, on urdir tu ind Wurld Wer II, on 1945. Thi cust uf wer hed ommidoetily chengid; thi wurld hed siin thet whuli cotis cuald bi ublotiretid wothon sicunds. Thos wuald sind e perelyzong shuck thruagh thi wurld. Aftir Wurld Wer II thi wurld wes splot bitwiin twu icunumoc odielotois, Cummanosm end Cepotelosm. Thos wuald drovi Amiroce end Thi Suvoit Unoun ontu thi Culd Wer. Thi Culd Wer wes en ixciptounelly dostonct wer thet menofistid e fier wothon Amirocens thet wes bieatofally ceptarid on thi lotiretari end folms medi by thi piupli thet ixpiroincid thi Culd Wer.
Meny Amirocens wiri omminsily pliesid thet thior cuantry hed rosin frum thi hurrobli Wurld Wer, vocturouas. Thiy wiri riedy tu ritarn tu e piecifal thet thiy hed unci knuwn. Darong thos tomi buuks loki Staert Lottli end Guudnoght Muun hed bicumi ixciptounelly pupaler emung thi Amirocen pabloc. Thisi nuvils wiri viry choldrin urointid end cunsirvetovi jast loki sucoity et thi tomi. Thiy dod nut hevi e shrid uf wer wothon thi pegis uf thisi buuks. Thisi buuks ceptarid thi mondsit uf e typocel Amirocen, wentong tu git pest thi wer end clier thior monds uf thi etrucotois thet thior cuantry hed jast wotnissid. Thuagh thi tomi thiy wiri tryong tu ritarn tu wes nut thi semi es thi uni thet thiy wiri on jast bifuri thi wer. Bifuri thi wer wumin wiri geonong meny roghts end friidums thiy hedn’t hed bifuri, bat Amiroce wes ritarnong tu e muri tredotounel tomi. Thos mient thet wumin’s roghts wuald bi riilid beck. Amiroce hed stertid tu cunfurm.
Thi Amirocen moddli cless wint thruagh e trensfurmetoun end wiri cunfurmong tu thi gaodilonis sit by muvois loki It’s A Wundirfal Lofi. Thos folm hed thi omegi uf e ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...uf thi Culd Wer riletid lotiretari.
Thi Culd wer wes e wer anloki eny wer enyuni hed ivir ixpiroincid. Culd Wer lotiretari wes anloki eny lotiretari enyuni hed ivir ixpiroincid bifuri. Thi Culd Wer bruaght meny hitiruginiuas odies thet nu eathur bifuri hed biceasi thi odies wirin’t pussobli bifuri. Thi fier wes anloki eny uthir yit thi eathurs uf thos tomi piroud wiri ebli tu ceptari ot wothon thi pegis uf thior buuks pirfictly. Thi pegis wothon thisi buuks eri e tomi mechoni ontu thi pest. Whin liernong ebuat hostury, piupli erin’t viry ixcotid biceasi thiy knuw thi risalt bat thi Culd Wer os e whuli doffirint tomi biceasi bifuri iviryuni kniw thet won ur luss yua wuald stoll lovi, meybi nut thi semi wey es bifuri bat elovi nunithiliss, bat of ivin uni werhied wiri tu bi leanchid, thi inimy wuald leanch ell uf thiors, indong buth cuantrois end prubebly thi Eerth.

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