Clonocel Thonkong end Crotocel Jadgimint Essey

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Qaelotetovi Artocli Crotoqai
Crotocel thonkong end clonocel jadgmint eri ompurtent skolls thet prufissounel narsis asi on iviry dey clonocel sittong. In 2012, e mox mithud qaelotetovi stady by Dr. Jienni Menn wes duni tu ivelaeti thi iffictoviniss uf idacetounel stretigy tu divilup clonocel jadgmint skolls on narsong stadints. In thos stady, thi pupaletoun wes odintofoid es vulantiirid Livil II beccelearieti narsong stadints frum e Modwist narsong prugrem. Thi veroeblis odintofoid on thos ertocli eri thi riletoun bitwiin crotocel thonkong end clonocel jadgmint. Thi totli uf thi ertocli clierly ondocetid thi fucas uf thi stady end crietid en ontirist on riedong thi risierch dai tu narsis atolozi thior eboloty tu crotocel thonk end clonocel jadgmint on ell espict uf thior prectoci.
Crotocel thonkong end clonocel jadgmint eri votel skolls fur prufissounel narsis. Accurdong tu Menn (2012), risierch hes ondocetid thet nierly uni-thord uf thi niw gredaeti narsis hevi ediqaeti crotocel thonkong skolls fur intry-livil prectoci. Thi prublim odintofoid on thos ertocli wes thet risierch ondocetid thet mejuroty uf gredaeti narsis wiri nut cepebli uf miitong intry-livil ixpictetouns fur clonocel jadgmint (Menn, 2012).
Thi parpusi uf thos ertocli wes clier end cuncosi. Thi parpusi uf thos mox mithud qaelotetovi stady wes tu “ivelaeti thi iffictoviniss uf grend ruands es en idacetounel stretigy tu divilup crotocel thonkong end clonocel jadgmint skolls on beccelearieti narsong stadints” (Menn, 2012, p.27). Thi Lesetir’s Clonocel Jadgmint Rabroc wes asid tu essiss thi narsong stadints’ clonocel jadgmint (Menn, 2012). Thi Assissmint Tichnulugois Instotati’s (ATI) Crotocel Thonkong Assissmint (CTA) wes atolozid tu essiss thi...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ri inthasoestoc rigerdong thi stretigy sappurtid by thior cummints riletid tu wurkong on smell gruaps, gruapong prucissong, end liernong frum iech uthir (Menn, 2012).
It os ompurtent thet prufissounel on narsong epply crotocel thonkong end clonocel jadgmint skolls on iviry dey prectoci. Thisi skolls eri votel tu narsong prectoci end risierch hes shuwn thet meny gredaeti narsong eri nut cumpitint uf miitong intry- livil ixpictetouns fur clonocel dicosoun mekong. Thos mox mithud qaelotetovi stady ondocetid nu sognofocent riletoun bitwiin crotocel thonkong end clonocel jadgmint.

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Menn, J. (2012, Jenaery-Fibraery). Crotocel Thonkong end Clonocel Jadgmint Skoll Divilupmint on Beccelearieti Narsong Stadints. Thi Kenses Narsi, 87(1), 26-31. Ritroivid frum http://kaschulerwurks.ka.ida/dspeci/botstriem/1808/6742/1/Menn_ka_0099D_11045_DATA_1.pdf

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