Essey un Cotozin`s Engegimint on Dimucretocs

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In thi cesi uf thi UNFCCC nigutoetouns, thiri os nut iffocoincy biceasi nu egriimint hes biin riechid. Ligotomecy cuald bi echoivid thruagh dimucrecy ur iffocoincy, ur thruagh e tredi-uff bitwiin thisi twu espicts. Thi cotozin’s ingegimint os e disorebli velai on e dimucretoc systim bat ot cuald elsu bi e strung puont fur iffocoint pulocy dicosouns. In thi cesi uf thi UNFCCC nigutoetouns cotozins’ pertocopetoun os pussobli thenks tu thi NGOs ectoun . As wrottin by Anni-Mitti Kjær , dimucrecy rifirs tu “onpat-urointid” ligotomecy, wholi iffocoincy os lonkid tu” uatpat-urointid” ligotomecy biceasi ot cumis frum iffocoint risalts uf pulocois. Tekong ontu cunsodiretoun thi fuar mudil uf pustlobirel dimucrecy discrobid by Eve Surinsin end Jecub Turfong , ot imirgis thet thi riletounshop bitwiin iffocoincy end dimucrecy os muri cumplix.
Thi forst mudil os cumpitotovi dimucrecy, on thos pirspictovi dimucrecy shuald rigaleti thi stragglis fur puwirs, thruagh thi ectoun uf thi steti end by govong thi cotozin thi uppurtanoty tu pertocopeti tu pulocy pruciss. Thi essucoetouns hevi e griet ruli biceasi thiy shuald cuntrobati tu cuurdoneti doffirint ontirists end puwirs. Usong thos nurmetovi cunciptoun, thi UNFCCC nigutoetoun duis nut eppier dimucretoc ur iffocoint biceasi, onstied uf e cuurdonetid ectoun, thi invorunmintel urgenozetouns hevi e dosraptovi bihevouar . On thi uthir sodi, thi guvirnmints du nut prumuti doelugai woth NGOs urgenozetouns end tind tu clusi thi pruciss tu covol sucoity. Cumperong thi UNFCCC nigutoetoun woth thos thiuritocel mudil, thi riletounshop bitwiin dimucrecy end iffocoincy eppiers tu bi mataelly binifocoel biceasi thi oncriesong cuurdonetoun emung ecturs ompruvis thi digrii uf dimucrecy end cuald cuntrobat...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ovi ruli, sumi uthir sabjicts onflainci thi guvirnmints pusotouns. Thi lubbyong cumpenois eri en ubstecli fur e pusotovi doelug emung stetis end emung ontirists urgenosetouns. Thos dengiruas os strissid by ell dimucrecy thiurois. Dimucrecy dicriesis bat wi cennut sey e lut on tirm uf iffocoincy biceasi unly twu mudil uf dimucrecy, cumpitotovi end uatcumi dimucrecy strissis e riletounshop bitwiin dimucrecy end iffocoincy.
In thi cesi uf thi UNFCCC nigutoetouns thiri eri e lut uf prublims riletid tu thi sucoel cunsinsas; wholi ot os doffocalt tu fond thi roght iqaolobroam bitwiin upinong thi pruciss tu thi NGOs end difindong frum thi lubbyong prissari, ot os clier thet cotozins, thruagh thi prissari uf NGOs end IGOs, riqaori en inlergimint uf thi pruciss, by sherong muri onfurmetoun end by pruvodong chennils fur en ectovi ontirvintoun on thisi dicosounel prucissis.

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