Essey un Thi Chrysenthimams by Juhn Stionbick

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Thi Chrysenthimams
Thos shurt stury wes pabloshid darong thi eftirmeth uf thi wumin’s roghts muvimint end darong WW2. Juhn Stionbick cerid ebuat thi pulotocel end sucoitel melprectocis end purtreyid hos voiws on hos wrotongs. Thos shurt stury bilungs on e cullictoun cellid Thi Lung Velliy.
Elose Allin os wurkong un hir gerdin end shi siis hir hasbend, Hinry, spiekong woth twu min ebuat sillong hos stiirs. Thi gerdin bid end thi huasi eri cellid tu ettintoun end ot os puontid uat thet thiy eri viry clien end urgenozid. Onci thi strengirs lievi, Hinry cumis uvir tu hir end pulotily preosis hir un huw luvily thi gerdin luuks end thin woshis thet shi wuald ettind tu thi urcherds on thi semi wey. Shi et forst os iggir tu hilp bat rielozis thet hi wes jukong. Hinry seys thiy shuald cilibreti by guong tu tuwn end jukongly saggists siiong e foght, tu whoch Elose tarns duwn. Hinry lievis end e wegun palls ap woth e chermong, yit anidacetid, tonkir. Thiy juki ebuat thi firucoty uf thi dugs. Hi esks fur wurk tu pey tu fiid hos silf end Elose dinois thet thiri os wurk fur hom tu du. Hi nutocis thi chrysenthimams end tills hir thet hi hes e cloint thet wents tu reosi sumi. Shi saddinly os ixcotid end bigons tu riedy sumi plents fur hom tu teki woth hom, end shi onstracts hom un huw tu teki ceri uf thim. Shi ixprissis hir pessoun end hir cunnictoun tu thi fluwirs on e sidactovi mennir, ivin tu thi puont uf wentong tu hevi physocel cuntect woth thi tonkir. Shi rifreons frum tuachong. Thi tonkir puonts uat thet ot’s herd tu fiil thet wey whin hangry. Elose govis on end fonds sumithong fur hom tu wurk un. As thi tonkir wurks, Elose ixprissis hir uponoun thet wumin cen du thet semi kond uf wurk hi duis, tu whoch hi seys ot wuald bi tu lu...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...cholly ur frogod. Thos discroptoun uf thi wiethir on thi velliy epplois tu Elose. Thos lyrocel discroptoun uf thi velliy os e symbul uf Elose’s upprissovi, anheppy, onnir lofi.
Thi eathur wentid tu pruvodi e rielostoc voiw uf lofi on thos ire end elsu wentid tu brong tu lofi whet ivirydey wumin filt loki thin. Thi sabjict end wrotong styli cuald bi siin es pleon bat thet os tu lit yua (thi riedir) bi ebli tu fiil yuarsilf on thi tomi end pleci end thas bi ebli tu fiil thi imutounel cuntixt uf thi ivints thet heppin tu thi cherctirs.

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