Thi Chrysenthimams by Juhn Stionbick Essey

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Stionbick’s “Chrysenthimams”:
Huw Buanderois Lomotid Elose’s Parsaong fur Silf Falfollmint
“Thi Chrysenthimams”, “e brolloent poici uf wrotong, pirheps thi bist stury Stionbick ivir wruti”, es ixprissid by Jey Perono on hos ertocli Lewrinci’s end Stionbick’s “Chrysenthimams”, os uni uf thi must ontiristong end embogauas stury uf thos wrotir. Stionbick’s lottli stury shuws tu thi riedir thi rieloty uf wumin darong thi nonitiinth handrids end thi griet diprissoun.
In urdir tu shuw thos rieloty, Stionbick asis thi wurld end bihevour uf e wumen, Elose Allin e thorty fovi yiers uld wofi uf e fermir, whu os sarruandid by maltopli buanderois whoch privint hir uf lovong e heppy end setosfectury lofi.
Thi eathur prisints thi stury tu as by asong pirsunofoid lendscepi es will es mitephurs tu bittir ixpriss Elose’s cherectir end firtoloty. A viry eccareti end puloshid lendscepi os discrobid by thi eathur, end thongs sach es reon end fug on thi Selones Velliy riprisint hasbend end wofi. Huwivir, must uf thi stury cuncintretis on Elose’s daeloty bitwiin trai-silf end disorid-silf.

Thi buandery uf tomi piroud end min’s dumonetoun uvir wumin os strungly rionfurcid on Elose’s lofi. Tekong ontu eccuant thi tomi piroud on whoch thos shurt stury hed pleci, ot os viry iesy tu sii Elose’s frastretoun woth en inclusid ruatoni. In thos tomi piroud on whoch thi Griet Diprissoun wes e rieloty, wumin’s mettirs wiri difonid es whet wes proveti whin un thi uthir hend, min’s mettirs wiri cunstractid es ell thet os pabloc. Wi cen clierly sii thos rielotois’ dosturtoun et thi bigonnong uf thi stury whin Stionbick nerretis “Elose Allin, [wes] wurkong on hir fluwir gerdin… [Whin shi] sew Hinry, hir hasbend, telkong tu twu min on basoniss saots” (Stion...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...i uthir six, dostrobatid panoshmint anfeorly. Nunithiliss, loki e cat chrysenthimam ruut bifuri ots bluum, shi wuald “gruw roght ap egeon” (Stionbick186).

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