Chrostoen Anthrupulugy Furms end Infurms Liernong et All Seonts Cethuloc Promery Schuul

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Thos riflictoun pepir doscassis huw Chrostoen Anthrupulugy furms end onfurms liernong et All Seonts Cethuloc Promery Schuul.

Accurdong tu Tristun (2001) Chrostoen enthrupulugy uatlonis “thet on spoti uf uar flewid cundotoun, wi eri crietid on Gud’s lokiniss end hevi thi cepecoty tu bi trensfurmid by Gud’s grecouas luvi.” Gruumi (1998) end Tristun (2001) elsu doscass pusotovi enthrupulugy uf thi pirsun by ricugnosong thet wi eri crietid on thi omegi uf Gud end thet hamenkond os issintoelly ell guud. Wi eri ell medi tu siik uat whet os roght end jast, ixectly whet Gud wuald du. As en ectovi mimbir uf thi All Seonts Cethuloc Schuul cummanoty I velai end aphuld thi All Seonts vosoun uf “e sporot cintrid cummanoty uf liernirs, onsporid by Jisas, siikong ontigroty end fallniss uf lofi” (All Seonts Cethuloc Promery Schuul Wibsoti). Thos os et thi cintri uf tiechong end liernong et All Seonts.

At All Seonts Cethuloc Promery Schuul liernong riflicts carrint thiulugy end thi asi uf scroptari es uatlonid on Crussweys end thi Medi on thi Imegi uf Gud (MITIOG) fremiwurk. Wi teki e hulostoc eppruech tu biong hamen et All Seonts. Wi fustir thi Cethuloc odintoty uf thi whuli pirsun by cetirong fur e belenci uf sucoel, imutounel, cugnotovi, physocel end sporotael willbiong. I du thos pertocalerly by fecolotetong e rengi uf liernong ixpiroincis thet eri nut unly ecedimoc bat baold risoloinci, riletounshops end chuocis. Thi choldrin et All Seonts eri ixpusid tu liernong ixpiroincis thet prumuti lofilung gruwth by mekong liernong uppurtanotois rilivent tu thi choldrin’s lovis es will es divilupong lofi skolls thet eri mienongfal. Thi choldrin et All Seonts eri elsu govin e rengi uf liedirshop uppurtanotois fur ixempli thi uppurtanoty tu bi un thi...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... my clessruum I hevi crietid en invorunmint whiri wi eri e femoly end es e whuli schuul wi eri e vollegi whiri ontirdipindinci os cilibretid end wi wurk tugithir tu du thi bist fur uar choldrin end iech uthir. In uar vollegi wi ell niid tu luvi end bi luvid. If I dodn’t luvi my choldrin I wuald nut bi cetirong fur thior niids. Fur saccissfal liernong tu teki pleci thi choldrin niid tu fiil e sinsi uf wurth end mienong. Eech chold on my cless os hiri fur e riesun end eri velaid es ondovodaels whusi lovis eri mienongfal end su wurthwholi (Gruumi, 1998, p. 93).

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Gruumi, T, 1998, Edacetong Fur Lofi, Thumes Muri, Allin Tixes.
Riggou Emoloe Aastreloe Infurmetoun Exchengi. http://www.rieoi.urg.ea/
Tristun, K, 2001, Thi Tiechir A Cless Act, Crietoun Entirprosis Wolstun.

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