Choosing a Computer System

Choosing a Computer System

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Choosing a Computer System

When considering the purchase of a system there are several components involved and those components are software, hardware, data, procedures and people. (Kroenke, 2008, pg.5) Also when purchasing a new computer system it can be extremely unnerving and costly. When thinking of the hardware of a computer system one would look for the following components: the size of the monitor, the CPU type and/or speed and the warranty that generally is offered with a new system.
In terms of a computer monitor, it is the most important part of a computer because it is the part that we rely on and use the most. There are several types and sizes of monitors that you can use with a computer system, a CRT or a flat panel monitor. The CRT (cathode ray tube) is the larger monitor and it generally costs less than a flat panel monitor.
The type and speed of the computers CPU varies. The CPU speed in a desktop is much faster than the speed of a CPU in a laptop. Over the past few years costs have been significantly lowered in regard to CPU’s in laptops and CPU’s in desktops. These cost have almost balanced themselves and the speeds have also being the same.
Warranties on a computer system are often expensive. Most computer buyers would want a warranty in case the hardware breaks or becomes damaged. Getting a warranty on a computer may seem expensive in the beginning, but in the event sometimes breaks down one is covered at no cost.
The software of a computer is the programs of that computer. There are many programs that computers can and will use depending upon the tasks that one wants to perform. (i.e. Microsoft PowerPoint) In terms of costs the more software that a new computer use has the higher their software costs will be. Many new computers come with certain programs already installed, any additional needed programs will be at additional cost to the consumer. In the workplace computers often need licenses to run programs throughout the office. Licenses can be costly depending on the total number needed and how often the licenses will need to be renewed.
Databases are what most companies use to collect and store their data.

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In many cases companies can create their own database thus eliminating costs to house files and folders that may become too large. The costs to design databases and fill them with data is practically inexpensive when using a program from the software such as Microsoft Access.

The costs of developing policies and keeping them current can be low. In many companies there are procedures that are in place companywide such as acceptable computer use policies. Using the computer to develop and keep company policies saves on the use of paper, the use of having to continuously repair computers, and it saves on time spent on redundancy which in turn saves the company money.
The human costs to develop and use a computer system can be very expensive. The human costs to develop the system can be costly due to the labor part of putting the system together. In many cases computer technicians who build computers make $75 to $100 per hour to construct the system. Companies use machines to put things computers together, but you still need people to run the machines and put small details to the system. Computer use can be inexpensive if the person knows what they are doing. An inexperienced computer person can essentially damage the system causing major and costly damage.

The best customer support is none at all is that companies can avoid the need for customer service by building quality systems and by providing excellent customer service at the time of purchase. Companies like Microsoft are spending money to upgrade and make their technology better. When companies produce better and more dependable products, it eliminates the use of customer service because there are no problems occurring which would need to be reported.
When Microsoft began their technical communities they sparked a surprisingly great relationship with their consumers. Within the Microsoft technical communities there are blogs, technical chats, newsgroups, webcasts, user groups, forums and much more. These communities allow one to interact with employees of Microsoft, other computer users and the experts on technical issues that.
In the newsgroup community there are more than 2,000 newsgroups that are solely dedicated to Microsoft and the products that they offer. Within this community the groups are categorized by product, technology or audience. These newsgroups allow users to ask questions, share information, or exchange ideas with others. This allows computer users to get free information regarding their systems from the experts and the Microsoft professionals as well as their peers at no cost to them. The benefit for Microsoft is that they get the questions of problems that the consumer is having and it allows them to improve their products according to the problems. The consumer does the research inadvertently for Microsoft which saves them money paying someone to do research on how to improve their products.
To support usergroups and newsgroups Microsoft uses a wide array of information systems. These information support systems are forums, blogs, webcasts, And technical chats.
In the forums one is able to ask questions and get answers. These forums are technical forums and they are based on developer-focused products and technologies. The forum also has archived questions and answers in the event problems are that have already occurred you can search the archives.
In the blogs they are written from the point of view of an individual. These pages are updated on a frequent basis and the tone is informal. One can use the blogs list to find blogs about the various technologies that are written by Microsoft employees. One can also gets insights and opinions about Microsoft software.
Microsofts webcasts are live or on-demand and gives you several options from how-to technical options to business perspectives. These webcasts are 30 to 90 minutes in length and they feature interactive presentations and demonstrations. The Microsoft webcast also have question and answer sessions.
The chat room is popular around the world today and Microsoft hosts over 30 chats per month worldwide. These chats focus on technical questions and new products from the Microsoft brand.
Target Stores are rapidly popping up in cities all across America. This retail chain has been in competition which many stores such as Wal-Mart, and K-mart (before they went bankrupt). Target has flashy ads, rapid growing sales and merchandise that people love and talk about.
Target now gets the attention of the Wal-Mart Stores, as they try to get more upper-middle-class shoppers to become upper-middle-class bargain hunters. Targets competitive strategy is to have its existing customers to buy groceries and hire more designers for items within the store. Target wants to double its size and triple its volume in order to surpass Wal-Mart which is the largest chain.
In order to be successful against it’s competitive counter parts Target must control their inventory. Target will have to be cautious as to not produced more supply than the demand. Target already produces a report card for their employees, but they will need to work on faster and more friendly customer support and offer on-site maintenance.
The marketing and sales activity Target needs to use is one that they already use, but they need to ensure that they keep the ads current. Target needs to always ensure that once they have hired the designers to produce their products that they are quality products. From the fabric, to the stitching to the packaging to the care, etc… Everything must be in perfect eye-catching designs and products that jump out at the consumer and say “buy me!”
Targets competitive strategy and the nature of its business influences Targets information systems by creating more need of various information systems to remain competitive with other discount retail stores. In order to remain competitive Target must keep advertisements current via commercials, web coupons/ads, newspaper ads, etc….
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