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Child Abuse Research Paper

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“What doesn't kill someone makes her stronger.” How true is this quote? In many cases, dealing with life’s problems will certainly help create a stronger person. However, there are times when this may not be true. For instance, child abuse is a social problem that affects one and a half of a million children in the United States yearly. Parents who take anger out on their kids, not only place them in a dangerous position physically, but also harm them emotionally and mentally as well. If a child is being abused by her parents, then she should be removed from the home and not ever place back with her parents. If the cycle is not broken, if the parents do not follow the ISP, and if the true problem is not being solved, then the child should not be placed back with her parents.
Silent, uncontrollable sobbing...Bruises and beatings...Shoving and slapping... Children so traumatized they are afraid of their own shadows. And the endless string of lies... ‘He fell down.’ ‘It was an accident.’ But child abuse is not an accident. It violates God's fundamental purpose for man. Parents and...

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... age, is being badly beaten? These young children are the future of this world, how they are being treated now will affect them in so many ways later in life. Even when a picture like that comes to mind, my insides crumble to know a child has to go through that much pain. Let’s face it, more and more children are being abused each year, let’s all stand up and fight for them. If anyone feels the need to take stand for a young child, he or she please call the Department of Human Resources and ask what can be done to help those pitiful children.

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