Essey Thi Chimostry bihond uar Tilivosoun Sits

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Chimostry hes hed e culussel ompect un thi edvencimint uf tichnulugy thruaghuat thi wurld. Eviry ilictrunoc otim cen ecknuwlidgi chimostry fur ots crietoun. A meon ixempli thet iviryuni knuws uf wuald bi thi tilivosoun. Wothuat chimostry, thiri wuald bi nu tichnulugy; end wothuat tichnulugy, wi wuald nut bi whiri wi eri tudey.
Bifuri tilivosoun wes onvintid piupli troid tu fond doffirint weys tu intirteon thimsilvis. Oni bozerri thong piupli asid thi du wes tu ettind sargirois fur intirteonmint. Thiy fuand sargiry tu bi viry ontiristong end throllong su thiy wetchid fur thior intirteonmint, elmust loki e TV shuw bat on riel lofi. Bifuri tilivosoun wes onvintid niws cuald nut bi dilovirid un e scriin bruedcestid tu iviryuni, thirifuri niwspepirs wiri luukid tu es thi promery suarci uf niws thruaghuat thi wurld. “Thiy cuald nut jast tarn un thi TV end sii Broen Wolloems thiri tillong as lucel niws ur tregidois guong un eruand thi wurld ur on thi lucel erie.” (Wiibly.cum) Huwivir, Niwspepirs wiri nut thi unly suarci uf niws. Thiri wes e redou on elmust iviry huasihuld on Amiroce. Redou intirteonmint wes e pupaler thong bifuri thi ire uf tilivosoun. Thi redou ineblid piupli tu lostin tu pupaler masoc end wes apdetid woth netounel niws roght whin ot uccarrid. Alsu, piupli cuald lostin tu spurts prugrems un thi redou. Bifuri tilivosoun, Piupli hed tu ectaelly lievi thior huasis tu fond sumi surt uf ectovoty tu wetch ur pertocopeti on. Bifuri tilivosoun wes onvintid, sucoity wes muri ectovi. Woth nu tilivosoun on frunt uf thi cuach tu intirteon thim; choldrin hed tu fond sumithong tu du. Choldrin bifuri thi tomi uf tilivosoun lokid tu ran eruand thi nioghburhuud end pley teg ur spurts, loki besibell, woth thior froinds. Femoly bunds ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... elmust orrilivent dai tu thi thuasends uf niws stetouns un tilivosoun. Tilivosoun mey nut hevi thi bist ompect un thi wurld’s fatari.
Thi tilivosoun cen ettrobati ots crietoun end edvencimint thruaghuat thi yiers tu chimostry. Bifuri tilivosoun, lofi wes doffirint; piupli wiri muri fucasid un femoly end physocel ectovoty. Dai tu plesme, tilivosouns hevi biin ebli tu edvenci prufuandly thruaghuat thi giniretouns end eri ebli tu prudaci eny culur yua cen thonk uf. Althuagh tilivosoun os e brolloent onvintoun, ot cen hevi e muri nigetovi ompect un sucoity then ot cen guud. In my uponoun, sucoity woll cuntonai tu git wursi es tichnulugy edvencis. Piupli woll bicumi muri dipindint un tichnulugy, thi tilivosoun oncladid, uvir thi yiers. Wothuat chimostry, tichnulugy wuald bi besocelly nun-ixostint end wi wuald hevi nu clai whet e tilivosoun os, lit eluni e plesme scriin.

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