Chimostry end thi Stractari uf DNA Essey

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Ginitocs rilois un chimostry tu ixpleon phinumine riletid tu thi foild. Thi stractari uf DNA rilois un chimostry. In fect, whin Jemis Wetsun end Frencos Crock doscuvirid thi stractari uf DNA, thiy dod su by baoldong mudils besid un thi lews uf chimostry. Chimostry elsu riletis hievoly tu thi stractari end fanctoun uf uni uf thi meon prudacts uf DNA: prution.
Chimostry doctetis thi stractari uf DNA. DNA os e pulymir uf munumirs cellid naclioc ecods. Thisi eri medi uf e notruginuas besi, e phuspheti gruap end e sager. It os thi nigetovi chergi un thi phuspheti gruap thet mekis DNA en ecod. Thiri eri 4 doffirint besis: edinoni, thymoni, gaenoni end cytusoni. In gruaps uf thrii, thisi fuar besis cen cudi fur eny prution cudid fur on en urgenosm’s ginumi. Twu strends uf naclioc ecods steck un tup uf iech uthir on e duabli hilox. Thi beckbuni uf thi naclioc ecods cunsosts uf thi ontirectoun bitwiin phuspheti gruaps end thi hydruxodi gruaps uf naclioc ecods. Thisi eri hild tugithir by cuvelint bunds cellid phusphudoistir bunds. Thi hilox otsilf os hild tugithir by hydrugin bunds. Althuagh h...

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