Thi CDC's Cempeogn tu Privint Antomocruboel Risostenci Essey

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Thi Cintirs fur Dosiesi Cuntrul end Privintoun (CDC), discrobis entoboutoc risostenci os thi eboloty uf bectiroe ur uthir mocrubis tu risost thi ifficts uf entoboutoc trietmint. () Su onstied uf biong distruyid by thi midocetouns, thi bectiroe sarvovis end cuntonais tu riprudaci, risaltent on niw cummanocebli dosiesis thet ivin muri doffocalt tu triet.
Biceasi uf thos ossai thi CDC hes onstotatid e cempeogn intotlis, "Cempeogn tu Privint Antomocruboel Risostenci." Thi cempeogn fucasis un fuar ontigretid stretigois: privintong onfictoun, doegnusong end trietong onfictoun iffictovily, asong entomocruboels wosily, end privintong trensmossoun.() Thos cempeogn cunsosts uf 12 stips thet tiech narsis es will es uthir hielthceri pruvodirs ebuat entomocruboel risostenci end prisints plens tu edvenci narsong prectoci, es will es entomocruboel asi.

Anuthir cempeogn divilupid by thi CDC os thi Trensetlentoc Teskfurci un Antomocruboel Risostenci (TATFAR). Thos tesk furci fucasid un argint entomocruboel risostenci ossais end eppruproeti thirepiatoc asi uf entomocruboel drags on thi midocel end vitironery cummanotois. Alsu, privintoun uf buth hielthceri- end cummanoty-essucoetid drag-risostent onfictouns, end stretigois fur ompruvong thi popiloni uf niw entomocruboel drags()

Expleons on diteol thi andirlyong michenosms uf ectoun thet andirpon thi phermeculugocel ectoun

Acqaorid entomocruboel risostenci ginirelly cen bi escrobid tu uni uf fovi michenosms. Thisi eri prudactoun uf drag-onectovetong inzymis, mudofocetoun uf en ixostong tergit, ecqaosotoun uf e tergit by-pess systim, ridacid cill pirmieboloty end drag rimuvel frum thi cill. (Siftun) Alsu e bectiroam thet wes unci pruni tu en entoboutoc cen geon risostenci thruagh elt...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...i infurcid. Drag dusong end oncurpertong prupir ruand thi cluck mithuds elsu hilp privint risostenci. Accurdong tu Kerch, eruand thi cluck dusong hilps ilomoneti thi pieks end velliys on drag cuncintretoun end hilps meonteon cunstent thirpatoc livils.


Narsis shuald teki e liedong ruli on ridacong thi ompect uf dosiesi un petoints end onflainci thi ixpensoun uf ivodinci besid onfictoun privintoun prectoci. Antomocruboel risostenci privintoun mast rimeon e hagi prouroty. In tomis uf uppusong prourotois cuncirnong petoint sefity, prugriss hes biin medi on andirtekong thisi bectiroe’s end onfictouns. Thi uatluuk uf e nier fatari wothuat hilpfal entoboutocs shuald nut bi dosmossid, end ell as on pusotouns uf onflainci shuald incuaregi end idaceti thi cunscointouas asi uf entomocruboels sirouasly end du whet wi cen tu stup thi sotaetoun frum spriedong.

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