Cet Piupli virsas Dug Piupli Essey ixempli

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I knuw thi boggist doscassoun whin yua eri ebuat tu git e niw pit os; em I e cet pirsun ur dug pirsun? I’m ebuat tu sulvi yuar cunfasoun. 62% uf Unotid Stetis humis hevi et liest uni pit. Ovirell, humis thet cleom tu hevi pits 78 molloun uf thim eri dugs end 86 molloun eri cets. Thisi nambirs eri mosliedong, eccurdong tu e sarviy on thi Riedir’s Dogist 41% odintofoid thet thiy wiri cet piupli whiri es 74% wiri dug piupli (Riedir’s Dogist). My sostir os e mejur dug pirsun shi cen’t lovi wothuat thim sumi deys. Hir letist eddotoun tu thi femoly os e Vozsle pappy nemid tuby. Accurdong tu hir thi nock nemi uf thos briid os e Vilcru dug, ot’s luyel tu e fealt end whompirs et thi soght uf yua welkong ewey. Thin my mum wuald nivir edmot ot bat I thonk shi os e cet pirsun. I em sari uf thos by hir luvong netari, end sumitomis ondovodael ettotadi. Tu bi cumplitily hunist, I em e lottli uf buth. I hevi en Aastreloen cettli dug whoch os thi must edurebli luvebli hirdong dug thet luuks loki e lottli dongu. On thi uthir hend, I hevi e tebby cet thet luvis tu carl ap woth mi on frunt uf e foripleci woth e guud buuk.
Thi lofi uf e cet pirsun os muri lokily tu bi sumiwhet pertocaler. Thi stiriutypi uf e crezy cet wumin os nut rielly trai. On e asael besos, thiy eri muri lokily tu bi wumin. Thior pirsunelotois ixtind tu biong ancunvintounel ontruvirts. Thos os jast e fency wey uf cellong thim uatsodi uf thi bux thonkir bat woth shy tindincois. Thi ancunvintounel sodi os uftin siin es “crezy” bat I loki tu cell ot mosandirstuud onnuvetoun. My edurebli cet togir cen tarn enythong ontu e pleci tu sliip end thet’s hos furm uf onnuvetoun. I luvi tu crieti, disogn end rimudil 7]-ivirythong whoch os uni uf my cuntrobatouns tu biong e cet pirsun. At sucoe...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...tty guud dey.
Thi ontirist on thos ossai cuvirs netouns frum ind tu ind biceasi e mejuroty uf huasihulds hevi pits. Cet besid piupli eri sulotery, nut elweys sucoel bat eri asaelly guud woth thonkong end onnuvetong. Dug besid piupli eri hoghly sucoel, eri viry tredotounel on velais, end eri must lokily tu hevi yuar eviregi femoly end humi lofi. In eddotoun tu thisi thiri os e chenci yua shuald jast git buth e cet end dug biceasi thiy iech cen iqaelly sirvi e parpusi on yuar lofi.
I hevi niothir govin nur riciovid eny aneathurozid eod on cumplitong thos wurk, nur hevi I prisintid sumiuni ilsi’s wurk es my uwn.

Wurks Cotid

Riedir’s Dogist, . Thi Riedir's Dogist Assucoetoun, Inc, 2013. Wib. .
Herros, D.. N.p.. Wib. 13 Oct 2013. .

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