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My Signature Assignment Case Study will be on the topic on AIDS. My topic will be about the raise of AIDs and HIV a global epidemic that needs to be solved. The numbers of this epidemic have risen greatly over the past few years. This epidemic affects a large number of individuals have been affected by this and even had to have death as an outcome. The numbers go that more than 500,000 people have died from the disease in the United States of America (Henry, 2011). The number is almost equal to or the value of the population of a large city. There is as many as 1.7 million people in the United States that have HIV. What makes that number even scarier, is that a majority of individuals do not know that they are carrying the disease(Henry, 2011). This causes a lot of issues with even more people getting the disease because those they might have received it from an individual who did not know they were even carrying the disease (Henry, 2011). In this Case Study, I will go into detail on how we can make ethical decision making with this issue, and possibly develop a solution to stop this epidemic from spreading (Perlin, 2002).
Case Study
Patient X is a young mother about the age of 21, who already has a 3 year old girl, has just discovered that she now has HIV from a recurring drug problem. She was sharing drug needles with her drug distributor. The problem is patient X is pregnant again and fears that the baby will be born with the disease. Patient X says she has not done anything for her to contract the disease however the results do show different. Patient X is now 3 months along with this pregnancy and fears for her baby that is to be born.
The Issue (Problem)
HIV also known as the human immunodeficiency viru...

... middle of paper ... start making the medication needed for the individuals (Perlin, 2002).


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