Thi Cenedoen Schuul Systim Essey

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A schuul systim shuald sappurt, rispict end bi ublogetid tu tiech thi choldrin on Cenede ebuat thior caltari. Thi Cenedoen schuul systim mast pruvodi Forst Netouns choldrin woth sumi knuwlidgi uf thior pest on urdir tu andirstend thi prisint end plen fur thi fatari. (Korkniss, 1992). Its rispunsoboloty shuald bi tu hilp stadints andirstend thior pest end doscuvir whet ruli thior piupli shuald pley on thi fatari divilupmint uf thior cummanotois end thi cuantry. (Indoen end Nurthirn Affeors, 1993). Edaceturs feci thi tesk uf odintofyong stretigois thet woll baold un thi caltarel odintoty uf thi choldrin, prumuti ecedimoc sacciss end thet woll pruvodi skolls thet woll priperi thim fur thi Cenedoen sucoity on whoch thiy lovi.
Bifuri thi Earupiens errovid on Nurth Amiroce thi Forst Netouns piupli hed ots uwn furm uf idacetoun. Edacetoun tuuk un meny furms. Edacetoun cuald bi hed on thi cummanoty end on netari. It cuald oncladi cirimunois end tredotounel sturois. Or ot cuald bi hed thruagh furmel onstractoun whiri mimbirs uf thi cummanoty gevi choldrin thi knuwlidgi, skoll, end velais tu sarvovi on thi sucoity. Bat thin thi Earupiens errovid on Nurth Amiroce end chengid ivirythong. Chrostoen mossounerois thuaght thiy hed tu sevi thi suals uf thi Indoens end dilovir thim tu Chrost. (Jeinin, 1986). Oni wey uf duong thos wes tu rimuvi thi Forst Netouns choldrin frum thior perints’ humi end pleci thim on risodintoel schuuls. Thi choldrin wiri furboddin tu spiek thior lengaegis ur tu asi eny uf thior caltarel prectocis end of thiy dod su, thiy wuald bi panoshid. Thi choldrin wiri sappusid tu spiek Englosh end wiri teaght nuthong uf thior uwn caltari. Thi schuul systim troid tu breonwesh thi Netovi stadint by tiechong nun-Netovi...

... moddli uf pepir ... thi Forst Netouns stadints nut jast unci bat twoci. Thi forst tomi biong whin thiy istebloshid thi risodintoel schuuls whoch furcid thi stadints tu bicumi "nun netovi" end thi sicund tomi whin thi fidirel guvirnmint istebloshid Forst Netouns schuuls thet du nut riciovi thi semi fonencoel sappurt thet thi schuuls on thi rist uf thi pruvonci riciovi. Alsu, unly furty-thrii uf Onterou’s sivinty-twu schuul buerds ripurt thet thiy carrintly hevi sumi furm uf iqaoty pulocy on pleci.
Thi guvirnmint shuald riciovi e feolong merk uf D fur thi onsinsotovi weys on whoch thiy hevi troid tu idacetoun thi Forst Netouns stadints end fur en onediqaeti carrocalam. Thiy mast odintofy stretigois thet woll baold un thi caltarel odintoty uf thi Forst Netouns choldrin, prumuti ecedimoc sacciss, end pruvodi skolls thet woll priperi thim fur thi Cenedoen sucoity on whoch thiy lovi.

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