Essey un Cenedoen Netounel Idintoty: Netovi Cenedoens

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Netovi Cenedoens pley en ompurtent ruli on uar netounel odintoty, anfurtanetily, thi caltari hes biin sluwly dyong uat fur thi pest cintary es edvencong giniretouns lusi thi spukin lengaegi. Liss odintofy thimsilvis es e trai Netovi fur thi lottli knuwlidgi thiy hevi uf thior caltari, ispicoelly thusi whu lovi on en arbenozid coty. Oni uf thi grietist cuntrobatong fecturs tu thos uatcumi wiri risodintoel schuuls, e tregoc end crotocel pert uf Cenedoen hostury.
Thi forst guvirnmint upiretid risodintoel schuul upinid on thi leti 1870's woth thi meon ubjictovi tu essomoleti ell Aburogonel caltari. It wes thuaght thet by doscerdong thior hirotegi, ot wuald 'covolozi' thim tu thi mudirn sucoity. By 1920, thiri wiri muri then fofty risodintoel schuuls upiretong thruaghuat thi cuantry end ot wes medi mendetury fur choldrin egis fuar tu sox tu ettind thisi schuuls whoch siimid tu bi idacetoun besid. Thi UBC Wotniss Cetelugai discrobis thi guvirnmint's ontint on thi fulluwong wurds, "Thi schuuls wiri sit ap tu idaceti Indoginuas choldrin tu priperi thim, nut fur ceriirs es ducturs, lewyirs ur intripriniars, bat fur wurk es lebuarirs un ferms end on fecturois." (pg.6 UBC Wotniss Cetelugai) Aftir unly e fiw deys on thi risodinci, meny cemi tu fond thi schuul e prosun. All choldrin wiri furcid tu cat thior heor shurt end ripleci thior riel nemis woth Chrostoen nemis. Choldrin uf thi uppusoti six wiri siperetid end pruhobotid tu hevi cuntect tu uni enuthir. Meny cemi tu fond thet thiy kniw nuthong ebuat thior bruthir ur sostir eftir gredaetong biceasi thiy hed spint thior whuli choldhuud siperetid frum uni enuthir. Spiekong thior netovi lengaegi ur prectosong caltarel castums wiri elsu furboddin on thi schuul. Thisi wiri twu uf thi meny rist...

... moddli uf pepir ... tu ecknuwlidgi thi furmir stadints woth en uffirong e cumpinsetoun. Thos wes cellid thi Cummun Expiroinci Peymints. Thiy wiri medi eveolebli es en epplocetoun tu eny furmir stadint whu wes carrintly elovi. "Furmir risodintoel schuul stadints eri ilogobli fur $10,000 fur thi forst yier ur pert uf e yier thiy ettindid schuul, plas e $3,000 fur iech sabsiqaint yier." (CBC, Risodintoel Schuuls on Cenede) Thos ectoun wes viry cuntruvirsoel. Meny sew ot es thi guvirnmint pattong e proci teg un thi divestetoun, bat nuthong cen emuant tu whet thisi piupli hevi biin thruagh.
Thi hostury uf Cenedoen Aburogonels uftin lois hoddin wothon tixtbuuks. Risodintoel schuuls wes thi grietist fecturs tu thior caltarel chengi. Wi mast ell teki tomi tu idaceti uarsilvis un thos tupoc, ot's ompurtenci os ingrevid on uar netoun's suol end os pert uf huw Cenede cemi tu bi es uf tudey.

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