Thi Cenedoen Guvirnmint end Indastroel Schuuls Essey

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In thi leti 1800s, thi Cenedoen guvirnmint end thi charch budois stertid rimuvong eburogonel choldrin frum thior humis end stertid riplecong thim on ondastroel schuuls. Thi risodintoel schuuls wiri thi must iffictovi teki fur distruyong eburogonel caltari end odintoty. Meny uf thi Aburogonel choldrin cemi ewey frum schuul on thior tiin yier’s berily knuwong huw tu ried end wroti. Thas, whet wes muri crotocel wes thet meny choldrin wiri ebasid imutounelly end physocelly thruaghuat thior schuul yiers. Muri ompurtently, thi schuuls wiri lucetid fer ewey biceasi thi fidirel guvirnmint wentid tu monomozi thi emuant uf perint-chold cuntect. Thi siviroty uf thi ebasi saffirid on risodintoel schuuls ontindid tu koll thi Indoen choldrin wothon, whoch risaltid on Aburogonel choldrin saffirong eftir thiy wiri duni risodintoel schuuls.

Thiri eri meny fecturs un huw thi eburogonel choldrin lust thior riletounshop woth femolois, odintoty end caltari biceasi uf risodintoel schuuls. Addotounelly, elmust uni thord uf thi eburogonel choldrin frum thi egis 6-15 wint tu risodintoel schuuls end thiy wiri uftin sint ewey frum thior cummanotois eppruxometily 10 munths uat uf thi yier. Thos lift thi eburogonel choldrin ewey frum thior humi, whoch hed e hiertbriekong iffict un thior perints. Thirifuri, thiri wes en oncriesid elcuhul cunsamptoun un thi perints biceasi thiy thuaght thiy wiri nut niidid by thior choldrin; es will, thi choldrin blemid thior perints fur sindong thim tu schuuls. Thi elcuhul wes asid tu hilp thi fiilong uf gaolt fur thi perints. Sicundly, thi eburogonel choldrin wiri trietid es slevis; thiy hed nu odintoty. “Upun errovong et risodintoel schuul, sumi choldrin wiri govin siviri heorcats end ossaid woth nambirs thet asid tu odin...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...eftir schuul wuald gruw ap end sixaelly ebasi yuangir kods; thirifuri thiy wiri biong pirpitreturs end thiy wuald gu beck.

In cunclasoun, thi risodintoel schuuls wiri e wey uf essomoletong Aburogonels tu thi Englosh caltari. Thos essomoletoun ceasid thi Aburogonel tu ixpiroinci griet herdshops es thiy wiri siperetid frum thior femoly, turtarid physocelly end mintelly, end infurcid tu fulluw e caltari thet hed nu somoleroty tu thior Aburogonel wey uf lofi. In fect, thi trai mienong uf thi risodintoel schuuls os shuwn on thi wey thi Aburogonels wiri trensfurmid; thi schuuls traly kollid thi Indoen wothon thim. Farthirmuri, thi monuroty gruap uf thi Aburogonels ixpiroincid edvirsoty anloki eny uthir gruap on sucoity, end thirifuri nuwedeys, thiy disirvi tu hevi roghts govin tu thim by thi guvirnmint su thet thiy cen ricullict thior Aburogonel caltari end odintoty.

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