The Byzarre History of Psychiatry Essay

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Electric chairs, exorcisms, mad houses, mental hospitals, alien hand syndrome (when a persons arm moves without them intending it to), boanthropy (when a person believes they are a cow or an ox), these are all some of the numerous aspects of psychiatry. Psychiatry has had a very bizarre history as it was very unfamiliar to people in earlier centuries unlike modern days where we know much more and are making advances and medications to cure patients. Doctors have contributed a lot research and have boosted medical health for the mentally ill throughout many years. Psychiatrists have an overall difficult career but it deems very dependable. Training and education are time consuming but becoming an M.D. will prove to be worth the dedication. The psychiatric industry is in constant need and will continue to be for years to come. Overall, psychiatrists aid people with mental illnesses helping them and their families to live life as everyday people.
Psychiatry has been around for decades although the techniques used before were significantly different due to the bizarre beliefs of what mental illnesses were. The first psychiatric hospitals were set up in the 18th century in the medieval Islamic worlds, but many consider that the development of modern psychiatry did not begin until the seventeenth and eighteen centuries. Now a days we know that biology is behind a variety of the mental disorders we also know that they are neurological problems compared to back then when people believed that they had to do with overtaking of people’s bodies by spirits. Our medical evolution has now come up with new medications that are specifically made for certain mental disorders versus the older times when performing ...

... middle of paper ... but this would not necessarily decrease or increase the job outlook, as we would still need doctors to treat the patients with the medication or prescribe it.
In conclusion, the contribution that psychiatrists have on the mentally ill as well as their families to have a better and easier life makes a great impact in society. Psychiatry has come a long way from electrical chairs to therapy and medications. With more doctors researching and discovering new ideas such as Sigmund Freud this field of work is becoming more advanced and beneficial. Years of college medical school internships residency will lead to a reliable career both financially and experience-wise. There will always be good job opportunities within the psychiatry field, which eliminates any worries of not being able to find a job or get low, pay.

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