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Nowadays, Asian food plays an essential role in business, because the concept of it is to recreate the tastes of Asia in a casual and relaxed atmosphere and to provide people with tasty and healthy eating at a reasonable price, especially the shop located at Chinatown named ‘Green Noodles’. ‘Green Noodles’ is spreading its tastes of Asia across the country with brand awareness stores in South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland. The campaigns have been focus on positioning our brand as fresh Asian fast food dining and promoting other brand characteristics such as tasty, safe and genuine etc. Some people may think Asian food is tasty and healthy while other people hold the idea of Asian food may contain too much oil which is not good. This report will mainly focus on four parts which are general discuss on why ‘Green Noodles’ is named which relates to the brand management and strategy, the reasons why we start ‘Green Noodles’ as a business in Adelaide, cultural acceptance from local people and how do the business successful.

● Why named ‘Green Noodles’
The first aspect to consider is the definition of brand strategy. The term of brand strategy refers to Long-term marketing support for a brand, based on the definition of the characteristics of the target consumers. It includes understanding of their preferences, and expectations from the brand (Anderson 2002). Learn how to create an effective brand strategy that will help your company shine in a competitive market.
 Green Noodles brand position
Brand positioning is the art of creating a brand that can persuade and realistically demonstrate its relevance to a customer's daily life to become his or her regular ch...

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...r own interests.


In summary, according to the examples which are presented above, we can safety draw the conclusion that accounting requirements play a significant role in a company as it relates to the different parties to the issuance of this standard in particular of the company. Changing the standards can affect the performance of the financial statements and will bring some costs for the company. Meanwhile, the new release of IRFS2 on share options will be argued by the PAT that it will lead the organization and mangers cost more. Although there are some costs, the regulators still need to provide rules on the accounting method because they are good for the firm’s wealth. Accordingly, changes in accounting rules can have essential impacts on the company’s financial statement as well as the performance.

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