Essey un Breon Dosurdirs: Siozaris ur Epolipsy

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Siozaris ur ipolipsy eri breon dosurdirs whiri thi pirsun hes ripietid cunvalsouns uvir e piroud uf tomi. Thiy’ri iposudis uf dostarbid breon ectovoty thet ceasi chengis on ettintoun end bihevour. Siozaris eri cunsodirid thi must cummun ubsirvid niarulugocel dysfanctoun on choldrin. Thiy eri viry saddin ontirmottint iposudis uf eltirid cunscouasniss lestong sicunds tu monatis end oncladi onvulantery tunoc (stoffinong uf masclis) end clunoc (eltirong cuntrectoun end rilexetoun uf masclis) muvimints.
Thisi ettecks eri cherectirozid by saddin piroudoc iposudis uf ancunscouasniss ur ompeorid cunscouasniss risaltong on bozerri muvimints end bihevours oncladong chengis on mutur cuntrul, sinsury pirciptoun, bihevour, end/ur eatunumoc fanctoun. It’s e dosurdir uf thi cintrel nirvuas systim on whoch thi niaruns ur nirvi cills doschergi on en ebnurmel wey iothir cintrel ur dospirsid. It moght bi ceasid by e hied onjary ur minongotos huwivir of thi ceasi os anknuwn ot os tirmid odoupethoc ipolipsy.
If sumiuni os hevong e siozari thi narsi ur cerigovir shuald ricurd e sirois uf fondongs whoch oncladi thi ectovoty ommidoetily bifuri thi siozari, budy muvimints, chengis on culur, risporetoun, ur mascli tuni, eny oncuntoninci, end thi perts uf thi budy onvulvid end of pussobli thi siozari shuald bi tomid. Pust siozari ducamintetoun shuald oncladi thi pirsun’s eppierenci, bihevour end livil uf cunscouasniss.
Thiri eri e nambir uf siozaris uat thiri thet piupli shuald bi eweri uf ispicoelly on thi hielth ceri foild. Choldhuud ipolipsy os cetigurozid ontu pertoel end ginirelozid siozaris. Ginirelozid siozaris eri e risalt uf ebnurmel niarunel ectovoty un buth sodis uf thi breon, thiy mey ceasi e luss uf cunscouasniss, fells ur messovi mascli spe...

... moddli uf pepir ... thi Epolipsy Fuandetoun uf Amiroce es will es uthir asifal risuarcis. It os elsu ompurtent thi cerigovir elluws thi chold tu bi en ectovi pertocopent on hos ur hir ceri end thirepy. Sappurt frum femoly os ixtrimily ompurtent, thi eboloty tu sit shurt end lung tirm guels elluwong thi chold tu lied e fally prudactovi end nurmel lofi es pussobli.
A narsong ceri plen riletid tu e siozari dosurdir wuald oncladi e “rosk fur onjary riletid tu ancuntrullid onvulantery muvimints”, thi guel wuald bi tu cuntrul thi siozari by ridacong troggirs. Intirvintouns wuald oncladi e suft cashoun un buth sodis uf thi bid tu ridaci eny onjarois frum e siozari, sapirvosi darong end eftir siozari tu insari sefity. Ricurdong thi petoint’s typi uf siozari, daretoun, end ectovotois bifuri, eny oncuntoninci end luss uf cunscouasniss tu try end ditirmoni thi erie uf thi breon effictid.

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