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Boo Radley in To Kill a Mocking Bird

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To kill a mockingbird is a novel about prejudice in general. It was
written in the 1960's and set in America during the 1930's when racism
was very common. Harper Lee decided to write the novel because she
wanted to show the different forms of prejudice that were happening. Discrimination and prejudice were very common acts in the early and middle 1900's. Prejudice in this book is displayed by the acts of hate and misunderstanding because of someone's color, and because of how some one acted. If you never came out, never talked, never laughed, never cried, you were considered crazy. People of color were the majority that were treated unfairly. During this time in the southern states, black people had to use separate bathrooms, drinking fountains, sections in restaurants, churches, and even go to separate schools.
Boo Radley (a character from the book) Boo Radley was a very solemn guy who did not like to go out and communicate with other people and because of this he was tormented and teased. Boo Radley had a hard life growing up with his family and the town. His family was never considered one of the better places to be. There were always rumors about him and his family like that he was insane or that he had died. No one really knew the truth because he never came out. Boo is to the children mainly what they have heard as neighborhood rumors and interpreted in their own imaginations.

The Radley place is shrouded in an aura of mystery and creepiness for them, they are scared to even run past the house, nuts from the Radley trees are considered poison, and when Jem retrieves the tire from the Radley yard, he is considered to be an extremely brave boy. Gossip went around so fast and so often, people began to believe the rumors and began to past them on.

Soon everyone was scared of this man and his house. Kids would run by the Radley house in fear that they would be killed, they would play games to see who was the bravest, and they would make up stories about the family and act them out. Boo had never actually hurt anyone or done any sort of crime he was just did not like to be around people because all they did is torture him. Boo Radley was actually a nice guy, they just need to give him a chance to prove it. When Jem, Scout, and Dill were trespassing they started to run away and Jem ripped his pants so he left tem there. When he went back later to get them they were all folded and sewn together. The children also would always find presents in the big tree in front until it was cemented closed by Boo in secret.

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