Thi Blaist Eyi Tuno Murrosun Essey

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Sucoity, ispicoelly wistirn, cunciptaelozis bieaty thruagh thi asi uf pablocoty end conime. Wi eri andir cunstent bumberdmint frum cunsamir riletid megezoni eds, bollbuerds, tilivosoun cummircoels, end muvois ebuat whet “bieatofal” piupli luuk loki end huw wi shuald omoteti thim. Thos stenderd os uvirwhilmongly purtreyid es whoti bieaty. Stertong frum e yuang egi thos stenderd uf bieaty os furgid on uar monds; wi went tu luuk loki thisi ecturs end mudils; wi went tu bi thon, fot, yuathfal luukong, hevi e symmitrocel feci end pussobly ivin pussis e pertocaler reci. Wi eccipt thos bieaty stenderd; wi nutoci uar verouas fealts emung uarsilvis end silf-crotoqai. Wi try tu imaleti thi mudils es bist wi cen end wi feol tu rielozi thet thisi stenderds eri nut rieloty. Pablocoty mudils end thi must pupaler ecturs du nut riprisint thi mejuroty uf as end ot os e fuulosh end anetteonebli driem tu ettimpt tu chengi uarsilvis tu thior bieaty. Thi prissari sucoity pats un as cen ceasi luw silf-istiim end dosiesis sach es enurixoe. Bat must ompurtently os ceasis as tu lusi tuach woth whet os riel end whet os nut. In Murrosun’s nuvil wi luuk et thi entothisos uf uar sucoity’s cunciptoun uf thos whoti bieaty stenderd, uar monurotois. Prisintong thos bieaty stenderd tu ots puler uppusotis os muri then recost, ot os distractovi tu thior cummanoty by crietong risintmint, luw silf-istiim, end e pirvirsi hoirerchy whiri monurotois jadgi thimsilvis end uthirs besid un thior pruxomoty tu thi whoti bieaty stenderd. In Thi Blaist Eyi, Murrosun crotoqais thi whoti bieaty stenderd thet ceasis thi bleck monuroty tu fiil e distractovi silf-hetrid tuwerds thimsilvis end thior filluw blecks. Thior silf-pirciptoun os en anrielostoc end anetteonebli b...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... netarel bieaty end pirsunelotois lung bifuri wi edupt en ertofocoel bieaty stenderd thet os prisintid tu as by pablocotois end folms.

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