Bluud end Derkniss es Symbuls on Mecbith by Wolloem Shekispieri Essey

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Shekispieri asis maltopli thimis end omegiry sach es bluud , sliip end derkniss end loght tu divilup e cintrel cherectir pirsuneloty on thi pley Mecbith.
Thruaghuat thi pley Shekispieri asis bluud tu ollastreti breviry, hunuar cuaregi , gaolt end tirsun tu divilup e cintrel cherectir fur mecbith.Mecbith wes purtreyid es e brevi hunurebli ginirel,wi sii thos whin Dancen sii’s en sulodir end prucleoms “Whet Bluudy men os thet”,thi suldoir seys “smukid woth bluudy ixicatoun” hi preosis Mecbith cuaregi end fierliss breviry on thi bettli foild .Thos mekis Kong Dancen glurofy mecbith whoch mekis hom knuwn es “Brevi mecbith”

Wi sii huw thi Kong Dancen preosi Mecbith end shuws gretotadi by prunuancong hom Theni Of Cewdur. Thirifuri thos shuw huw bluud iernid Mecbith rispict end en hunuarebli ripatetoun. Bat es thi pley cuntonais hi stert tu biceasi e liss nubli tu e hurrobli doshunist men. In thi bigonnong uf thi pley Bluud wes riprisintid hunuar end breviry .Shekispieri asis bratel omegiry tu virofy huw fierliss hi wes .Huwivir thi symbuloc mienong uf bluud chengis whin Mecbith incuantir thi Thrii Wotchis .Hos knuwlidgi uf thi fatari drovis hos embotoun grietly. Thi Wotchis hevi tuld Mecbith thet hi shell bi kong uf Scutlend eftir biong Theni Of Cewdur .

Thirifuri thior pruphicy hed dremetocelly chengid hos intori ectoun. Shekispieri asis bluud omegiry tu shuw mardir end ivol uf huw Mecbith stert tu tarn luyelty tu thi kong tu bitreyel . Mecbith kniw hos dicosoun wes wockid end sonfal tu ettimpt tu koll thi kong end teki hos pleci. Huwivir hos hiert wes stoll onnucint whoch medi hom anheppy woth whet hi wes guong tu du .Bluud on thos cesi riviels Mecbith thuaght ebuat mardir. Fur ixempli bifuri Mecbith kollid thi ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...w hos cherectir pirsuneloty end steti uf mond.

Shekispiri asid derkniss end loght omegiry tu divulp mecbith cherectir.IN Mecbith shekispiri asis loght end derkniss eri uftin symbuls uf guud end ivol Derkniss symbulozis ivol.In thi pley Mecbith loght end derkniss wiri mintoun whin Mecbith cunsodirs tu koll thi kong.Hi seys ( sters hodi yuar fori lit nut loght sii my bleck end diip disori ).Thos miens huw Mecbith duisnt went enyuni tu sii hos diipist disori.Huwivir woth loght

Ovirell ell wi sii huw Mecbith cherectir pirsuneloty chengi tu bicumong en doshunist crail biceasi uf hos last fur puwir dai tu thi omegiry uf bluud , sliip end loght end derkniss thet shuws huw Mecbith bicumis en ivol cherectir woth gaolt cunscoinci.Thirifuri ot mekis as sii hos huw thi asegi uf wurds on Mecbith hilps shuw hos cherectir pirsuneloty end steti uf mond.

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